2011 Sep 08 | health fair

That seems rather encroaching on my rights of private property. Although I don't think I have anything illegal to worry about.

This is a horrible intersection. Two separate roads and merge into one, and then the people in the left section try to merge all the way across in one block to get into the turn only lanes. It's nuts.

I walked into Office Depot and thought this was a greeter.

That's just weird.

Ah, display boards. That's a good name. I just call them science fair boards.

Oh come on! I just want the black pens, and they're out. I don't want the blue ones or the variety pack, which they have plenty of.

Evil little maze they created with their containers to make you weave through all the items to check out.

"Something fig is happening?" Um, no; I'm sure that phrase is not going to catch on. I wonder how much money some goofball got paid to come up with that.

Well the line had better be less than a 20-minute wait then.

I checked on Amazon and it said two packages had been attempted to delivered. However, I didn't have any of the little orange slips in my mailbox saying I had packages. So I went to the post office anyway and I had four packages waiting. =/

I only wanted the Reader's Choice section, but they sent me the entire Sunday edition.

And actually, I only wanted this little part of the Reader's Choice.

A dude napping in the shade outside of the office.

I don't think I'd trust a pregnancy test from a $1 store.

"Disposable??!" That implies that some are not disposable. Uh, yeah.

I can see cheap knives for $1, but a cleaver?

Pretty church.

Sneaky, hiding on the sidewalk behind a tree. I still see you, though.

I swear I should have 100 points by now. Maybe something is wrong.

I don't remember when McDonald's went to these automated soda dispensers, but they sure seem to work well. Although not this time.

Hey, a hand puppet on the street. Never know when I could use one of those; might as well pick it up, wash it, and keep it.

At a health fair sponsored by CIT college. This student was my awesome helper; he did vision screenings all day long with LEA cards.

There was a decent turnout.

I spent hours on this display board and I think maybe two people read a little bit of it. :(

Same thing with the stereo and color vision info. I tried to get people to do them, but they mostly just wanted the jelly beans. Always good to have a little snack for people to grab at anything like this.

Providing some info.

I was right by the free HIV testing booth. Lots of free condoms and pens.

Holy cow it's hot out here.

We kept moving the table back to keep it in the shade.

Remember when you were a kid and didn't want to step on the light tiles because they were lava? This was like that, only with real heat; I jumped from shady spot to shady spot, staying in the sun as little as possible.

That's, uh, interesting.

Oh, great, now my package notices come. Now I have to worry about whether these were for the packages I already picked up or other ones.

Wait, is that auto insurance for $17 a month??? That destroys what I pay.

Was gonna watch some SC2 replays, but they kept pausing.

Which was really weird, because my connection was fine. I think it was just Firefox having a memory leak. After I closed it and re-started it, it was fine.

A commercial for a religion seems really weird to me.