2011 Sep 11 | MacArthur Park

This name will always remind me of this: http://i.imgur.com/A1I8X.jpg

I hate these dumb was shoestrings. They never stay tied. I can double knot them, but I hate doing that because it's a lot harder to take them off then.

I wonder how much hair gel he needs to get it to stay like that?

Cool sculptures in the Farmer's Market.

Also cool that it was made my one of the employees there, not just some random artist.

Aw, I love these swim trunks. Too bad they only come in XL.

I like the self checkouts because they'll never give me grief about using a large bill to pay for a small amount.

I've never liked strip poker video games because poker video games are really boring. However, Snake, one of the greatest simple games ever, plus stripping? And different colors of apples that do different things, so there's a strategy behind that, too? (Green are worth 50 points, yellow 10 points, blue only 1 point but change the picture. The more points you score, the naughtier the pictures, so the strategy is to avoid the yellow and blue apples at the beginning. Also, there are very rare flashing apples that make your snake shorter and slower.) This game is awesome!

The chess boards at Santa Monica beach. I wonder if most of them are just playing for fun or if they're playing for money. I'd like to play a few games, but I don't wanna get stabbed over a chess game.

Yep, that's usually how it happens.

Honestly, you running a marathon isn't going to end AIDS. I don't think there's a single disease we've eradicated due to these marathons / bike races / etc.

Cool picture at the thrift store: the mountains across the US.

Wilshire between Alvarado and Union has all of these street vendors.

A lot sell various items, but some also sell food.

Lots of clothes at this one.

Hmm... a little too long, but I guess they'd do in a pinch.

A lot of people hang out at MacArthur Park on the weekends.

There are lots of trees with shade.

A big soccer field.

Lots of people picnicking.

A little tunnel under the street so you don't have to wait for the traffic lights.

I got excited when I saw the boathouse because I thought maybe I could rent a paddle boat or something.

But it looks like it's not really in service any more.

A little island.

Lots of birds to feed.

A nice memorial; too bad it's so dilapidated.

A few people were fishing. I wonder what kind of fish they catch here?

Looking across the lake at downtown.

They forgot the little "no" symbol on littering.

A cool piece of artwork.

A statue on the opposite corner.