2011 Sep 14 | Cirque du Soleil, Sexy Snake

Quite a variety of candy apples at this shop.

Although I think the price is a bit much.

So many restaurants to try.

Got business cards, although I never use them. I'd rather have prescription pads so I don't have to write my name out every time.

This car had some sparkly strips around the doors.

Watching Monday Night Football at Big Wangs.

There were a ton of Raiders fans.

A cab with a cop battering ram?

A little train that runs along Washington Blvd. Thankfully I don't have to race it, but if I match its speed, I hit all the greens.

Gotta draw out my gun placement for this game so I don't get halfway through and have to restart.

Cirque du Soleil, Iris was shoiwing at the Kodak Theater.

The cheapest tickets are normally $43, but since the next few weeks is considered a preview, they're only $33. If you get them online, you're charged an extra $10. However, even if you buy them at the box office, they still charge you an extra $5, which seems rather slimy.

About to start the show.

And the end.

Aw, we missed Zumanity when we were in Vegas.

The lead is huge.

Actually, there are seven different shows in Vegas, wow. So far I've been to four: Alegria, Dralion, Iris, Qidam.

Another slow afternoon in the office, another bout of Sexy Snake. This is a great opening: mostly greens.

This is good, too; a flashing apple right at the beginning which makes the snake shorter.

I hate when it's all yellows, though.

One really cool thing about this snake game compared to others is you can go through the edges of the screen freely and you can even run through yourself. However, that causes you to lose a level, and if you go down to level 0, the game is over. Although it's pretty much pointless to play after even running into yourself because your snake is so long and fast on a lower level.

I love how the game creators aren't sexist; there's a male version, too. Although I don't play that one much. Just keep it on there for people who whine about female version.