2011 Sep 15 | court house, mirrors, Transformers USB drive

Very pretty picture on the back of this guy's pickup.

Going to the court house to get a business license.

$3 each 15 minutes? That's insane.

Great, now I'm here in, but I have no idea where to go.

Well, I almost found it, but I can't go in this door.

Ah, there it is.

There's security with a metal detector, but I went in a side door and came through this way without having to pass by any security at all.

Every single parking space in this lot is labeled "compact."

I tried driving with my mirrors turned out more to eliminate blind spots, but I gave up and turned them back in like this. For one, even though it did leave only a small blind spot, I still had to turn my head a bit to check that, and I had to rely more on my rearview mirror to see cars coming up rather than the side ones like I'm used to. Also, the angle made it difficult to judge exactly how close a car was, so I was never sure if it was safe to change lanes or not.

In addition, it made parallel parking extremely hard, which I have to do a lot in LA. With the mirrors turned back more, I can see the curb.

But with them turned out farther to reduce blind spots, I can't see the curb at all.

The worst thing about working in a lower-class area are all the dumb flyers people leave on my windshield.

New state = new checks. Well, might as well go for the beach ones since I'm in SoCal.

That way at least I'll be in a little better mood when I have to pay a lot of money to someone.

Things with hairy spikes all over them should not be eaten.

This producer came into our office to do a documentary on fake frames bought online. Some of the staff explained how you could tell they were fake.

Got a new printer via Craigslist. Well, new for me; fairly old overall. Which might explain why the driver took forever to download, like hours.

This is the coolest USB drive I've ever seen: Ravage the Transformer.

However, there are tons of cheap knock-offs. The ones with white legs look especially bad.

Then again, the originals go for over $100, so I think I'll stick to one of the better-looking knock-offs.