2011 Sep 15 | O'Neill surf shop event

There was an event going at at the O'Neill Surf Shop on Thursday night.

Ooh, didn't know about the free food; bonus!

I bought $76 worth of stuff, just enough for a free mini lunch cooler. I didn't even plan that, although I noticed it while he was ringing me up, so if I would have been a little under, I would have grabbed a few more pucks of board wax.

The cheapest boards were $400-$500. I think I'll stick with the one I found on Craigslist for $30 until I get a little better.

Yeah, pizza time!

Free water, soda, and beer.

The first raffle of the night: a t-shirt.

They were also giving out tons of caps.

An employee explaining how to fit a wetsuit.

A lifeguard talking about ocean safety.

Another raffle for some surf lessons.

Explaining what to look for in a surfboard.

His audience.

These little keys are for replacing the surfboard fins.

It was pretty packed.

Some of the Santa Monica Surfers group.

Here comes the big raffle of the night: a free wetsuit. She pulled a couple of names but the people weren't there, and you had to be present to win. Most of the crowd knew the people who missed out, so they were going to tell them about it.

The very-happy winner. In the end, I got free pizza, free beer, a free cap, a free lunch container, a discount on some gear, and some information. Great night!