2011 Sep 19 | Lost Boys and Goonies drink-along at Downtown Independent, license plates

Cool, a little TV in the back of the taxi. That only makes sense, but I've never seen it before.

I was trying to find cheap parking in Santa Monica. I saw an open spot, took it, but then realized it was valet only. The valet came over, told me how much it was, and then said there was a garage for only $5 all night long a block away. What an awesome guy. :)

Another cool idea I hadn't seen: lights above the spaces so you can easily see which are open just by looking down the line.

Cute turtle water fountain.

This person's tire looked really low, and even though I was behind her for 10 minutes, there was never a safe time to jump out and tell her about it. Sigh, so much for my good deed for the day.

Some short of taping at the Grove. I wonder if these people are big stars?

Time for my favorite recurring LA event: movie drink-along at the Downtown Independent. This time it was The Lost Boys and The Goonies. Times to drink: The Lost Boys: any time anything really 80s is on screen, any time the two Coreys are on screen, any time the dog is on screen, any time anybody says something snarky yell "Shut up Mouth" (haha, nice crossover). The Goonies: same as the last one ("Shut up Mouth!"), boo when the Fratellis are on screen, yell "Truffle shuffle" if Chunk mentions food, "Goonies never say die!" if someone mentions quitting, and "Hey you guys!" any time Sloth is on screen; drink when an inhaler is used.

The previous few times there were only about 20 people in attendance; this time the place was packed. Partly due to a group that had sectioned off three rows. Between the movies, they even had a mariachi band come in and play, so I'm guessing it was someone's birthday.

Why are they taking so long to start the second movie? Oh well, we'll just play some sexy snake.

Aw, this was really cool.


Grabbing lunch before hitting the beach and there just happens to be a Raiders game on. Perfect timing.

White wave.

Heh, they stuck a US plate on top of a foreign one.

The remains of an accident on the road.

I like the idea of improving the ergonomics of a shopping basket with the one on the left, but the handle in the middle really cuts down on fitting items in it.

I hate when people don't stop before the intersection and then the light changes, which means they're blocking traffic.

On the little road behind The Grove.

Ooh, this looks fun.

Gotta figure out where all the good freebies are.

This is the coolest belt buckle I've ever seen. However, the paint is coming off of the edges and I can't find it anywhere on the internet at all any more.

I wonder if cops would give me a break if I just stuck that in my window.

Aw, what a sweet license plate: Lov sum 1.

Although this one is just confusing. Too many 4s and vertical letters / numbers with horizontal lines.