2011 Sep 20 | smog check, teeth whitening, sidewalk juggler

Great, only a single line open at Wal-Mart early in the morning.

Cool graffiti in the parking lot.

I don't think I'd ever have to leave this block.

I had a bit of time before my dental appointment, so I ran to get a smog check. They said it would be 10-15 minutes. 35 minutes later, they were just finishing up, which made me late for my dental appointment, and I HATE being late for things like that because I hate when patients are late for exams at my office. Plus, they kept going back and looking at my engine funny, and now my check engine light is on, so I wonder if they screwed something up.

I got a deal for $45 for a dental exam, x-rays, and whitening.

So I went there, they did the exam and x-rays, but then they said all this work was "medically necessary" before they could do the whitening. I could see it maybe hurting a bit more if there are cavities, but that's not "medically necessary." I was in a hurry and didn't have time to argue, but I'm really pissed they're keeping my whitening hostage. Really slimy practice.

Never seen a bum sleeping in a bus stop before; you'd think the cops would kick them out.

The only bum by the side of the road I've ever given money to.

Because he juggles traffic cones and beer bottles and other stuff. I'll gladly pay for a bit of entertainment.

Slow afternoon in the office = more Sexy Snake. This is an awesome start; all greens!

This was cool, too; ate a couple of flashing apples at the beginning and got my snake down to a single piece, just the head, haha.

The Craiglist free section certainly has some interesting ads.

Oh man, I would so grab that if I had a place to put it.

Saw the worst behaved kid today. Well, actually, the kid I saw was extremely well behaved. His brother was a terror, though, running all over the office. His mom was falling asleep throughout the entire exam, so she was no help. Then when she finally told him to settle down, he said "You're making me angry; shut up!" My jaw hit the floor; if I ever said that to my mom, I would have been spanked into next week. She just went back to sleep. Thankfully I had some stickers I could use to bribe him to sit down; if he behaved, he could have one, although his brother got two since he was the one who did the exam. I think it should be a law that you can physically discipline other people's children if they don't.