2011 Sep 22 | auto repair shops, DMV

The check engine light came on the day I did the smog check. Well, whatever the reason, better have it checked out.

I checked online and there were two places fairly close by that had the best reviews. This is the first one I went to.

They ran the diagnostic and said it was the throttle body, which would be $200 to repair. They also said the radiator was leaking and this was some fluid that had come out, and that would be $250. Plus labor of $300.

Always good to get at least one second opinion on things like this, so I took it here next. They said the light was probably from the smog check guys messing with a flap. They reset it and said to drive it. If the light came back on, bring it it; otherwise, it would be fine. They also said the radiator should be fixed but gave me a much lower price. Yep, thank goodness for second opinions.

Arg, why are the turn-only signals covered? Now it takes forever to turn.

Great, a ton of cars on the right and a semi on the left. Guess I'll just sit here until he's gone past.

What's going on here, anyway? Maybe a birthday party? Whatever it is, they shouldn't be allowed to park here.

One optician quit and one technician is in the hospital, which leaves one other optician besides me for a few days. So when he leaves to take some jobs to a lab and grab lunch, I'm all alone. And, of course, I had two walk-in red eyes, some pick ups, and some orders during that time. Thankfully it didn't get too hectic and I remembered how to do all that front desk stuff.

Pretty sunset on the drive home.

That sounds either really cool or really creepy. Gonna have to check it out some time.

Got my Ravage USB drive today. Pretty cool. :)

My rule for bicyclers: if you can't keep up with traffic, go onto a side street. No way should you be endangering yourself and others by being on a road where most cars go 40mph.

Look at that line wrap around the building. Thankfully I have an appointment.

And yet if I look at the line, I can see it's clearly not 0. I wonder how they figure this out? Does some security guard just estimate it?

Aw, man, the tool set I usually keep in my truck is in my apartment. Thankfully you can pick up a screwdriver here to replace your license plates.

I was there at 8:15 and pressed the button, but nobody came out until 8:45. Thankfully everyone else was really fast and helpful, including the lady who graded the written exam for my driver's license. "Five wrong, that's not good, you should fail. Here's your test back, answer these five. OK, you got those right, I'll let you pass." I swear, I'm too smart for that thing; I can think of how all the answers would be reasonable in some way. Also thanks to the lady who let me retake my photo after my first one made me look like a gargoyle. Got my new registration and title, license plates, and driver's license in under two hours; not bad. 

Aw, yeah, good times.

This is the only time I ever order large anything at McDonald's. And I don't even eat all the fries. But I want my Monopoly pieces, dammit!

Gotta go to this at some point.

Never driven down this street before. Hmm, I wonder what's on it?

A whole ton of car customization shops, that's what. I swear I was just about killed five times on a single block.

This is the closest bank to one of my offices, but the parking lot is tiny and there's never a spot, which is super annoying.

Great, the dumb check engine light came back on. I'm sure those smog tester guys messed with something. Hopefully a mechanic can just push a flap back or something rather than having to replace anything.

Huge line downtown. I wonder what's going on?