2011 Sep 24 | Working at Global Laser Vision, billiards

The doctor at the other office location is at Vision Expo, so I'm filling in for him. It's about an hour drive, but thankfully it's against traffic, so most accidents like this are on the other side.

A weird conglomerate of items.

Thankfully they didn't jam the schedule full, especially because I spent half the time looking for equipment. Including a lens I couldn't find, and, upon calling the other doctor, found out it was still in his pocket. Thankfully they had a spare.

Honestly, why are there a few knives scattered around in here? This is something people are going to be digging around in with their hands.

As goofy as I think bikers' outfits look, they do tend to have nice legs. 

Ooh, a Dairy Queen! Definitely gonna stop because these things are super-rare in California.

I never knew Zagat rated fast-food milkshakes.

Sunset on the drive home.

I wonder how far this one flies?

1-hour drive home, 20 minutes of which is the last two miles. Arg, I wonder if the local roads would be faster.

New insight in Sexy Snake: the green apples are worth 50 points and the yellows 10, but I just realized the yellow ones only make you grow by 1 piece whereas the green ones make you grow by 2. So while the greens are still better, they're not nearly as good as I thought.

Oh, great. I remember having to wait for Dick Cheney's motorcade in San Francisco once. A driver in front of me got impatient after about 10 minutes and started to creep forward. A cop came up to him and said if he kept it up he was going to get shot.

Ah, good. We're on the extreme edge of the area affected by Obama's visit and I drive in the other direction.

I love wandering around at night. Especially scary alleys with creepy cats looking around the edge.

Rule #1 of betting while playing pool: make sure the other person isn't significantly better than you. I have to give her a free eye exam and wash her car. Then again, she has to hook up my stereo, and I've been putting that off for a month, so I think I came out OK.

Gotta drink while playing, and if we're in an Asian pool hall, it might as well be soju.