2011 Sep 29 | label sticking up at work, bowling

There are two major ways to get on 110 from my apartment. The simplest is to just go south, but it can be really backed up at times. The other way is to go east and circle around on this little loop, which seems to be a bit faster when there's a lot of traffic.

Went to the dollar store to get some things. They didn't have anything on my list, but they did have this grabber, which will prove useful. I'm surprised it's only a buck, too.

I use these 95% of the time I go to Walmart, but they're always hard to find if there are any around at all. I'm sure Walmart would rather you use carts so you'll buy more, but I hate trying to maneuver them around the store.

Oh great, behind a coupon lady.

That would be cool if they did it for Halloween, but I'm guessing they just lost the M.

Gah, I hate shopping for shirts! Even if it's the right arm length it's still always too big; the smallest size they ever have is a large.

I love Sbarro; always ate there as a kid when we went to the mall in Sioux Falls. It looks like they're trying to make it a bit more upscale by cooking your food right in front of you.

"Martin Luther King stood for non-violence. Now what is Martin Luther King? A street. I don't give a fuck where you are in America, if you're on Martin Luther King Boulevard, there's some violence going down. It ain't the safest place to be. And you can't call someone and tell them you are lost on MLK. 'Hey, I'm lost on Martin Luther King.' 'RUN! RUN! RUN!'" - Chris Rock. Yep, it's a bit ghetto-ish around here.

I usually park near that light, but I think I'll park somewhere else today, just in case something tips over.

This dumb little tab sticking up has been annoying me. You can see it when you walk past the office, but there's really no way to get to it.

Which is where my dollar store grabber comes in. Just need to add in a little help from a coworker giving directions.

And got it!

Have to buy these for the office every Halloween. The only problem is they're kind of expensive and they're so yummy I end up eating half of them.

That's a huge pumpkin to be sitting around in a store.

I don't use mixers much, so I bought a really cheap one. The big problem with it is the low setting is equivalent to the medium setting on a nicer one, so everything flies everywhere if you don't mix it a bit before turning it on.

I got used to having flowers in my room in Sweden because they were so cheap to pick up at the store on the way home. They're a bit more here, but I can usually find some discounted ones.

Giant Frosted Flake.

Lot of people hanging out here; I wonder why.

I was walking in my apartment and thought I saw a gigantic bug coming towards me. Actually, it was just the black part of this, which just looked like a fuzzy black ball since I didn't have my contacts in, appearing to move when I walked towards it due to parallax.

Ooh, a new achievement in Sexy Snake! I got the "next level" score to 0 on level 5. I thought it might go to level 6, but nope, the score just sits there.

I'm awesome at these games because I can cross my eyes, which makes most differences pop out. Although I have to turn this one sideways.

Off for a bit of bowling.

Hey, wait, she has her own ball? That's not a good sign.

Aw, so close to 100.

This woman had the whole lane and all those balls to herself. It looked like she was practicing spinning the ball.

Well, that's a little better.

Some USB ports on the DDR game. I wonder if that's to save your scores?

Traffic backed up on the way home. I wonder what the holdup is.

Ah, some huge truck backing up.

Dumb toilet bowl cleaner squirted out the side of the nozzle rather than the top. And, since it has bleach in it, a bit of it got on my shorts. :( Thankfully it's just a small spot, but still annoying.