2011 Sep 29 | LA County Fair

A ton of huge parking lots can make it hard to remember where you parked. Thankfully I just have to walk towards the mountains and then the exit sign.

Thought I had a pretty good discount with 20% off, but apparently on Thursdays you could get in for free if you brought a single book to donate. Aw, didn't hear about that beforehand.

No way am I paying the prices for beer here.

Lots of BBQ.

A map. It covered a pretty big area.

Lots of meat.

The barn.

Aw, cute little baby lambs.

Aw, cute little baby pigs.

Aw, cute little baby goat.

Petting a cow.

A guy explaining wool to the crowd.

A variety of wool samples to feel the difference.

Bale maze.

More cute little pigs.

A petting zoo.

Make your own bale.

Lots of little storefronts with things to do.

Cutouts for photos were all over the entire fair.

Bees! Oh man, I really hope that doesn't break.

Where is she?

Some little girl pointed the queen out to us.

Pony ride.

Dude ranch.

Rocking horses.

Make your own rope. Reminds me of when we did this for Scout-O-Rama for Boy Scouts.

Trying to lasso cows.

Horse show.


That's one tired pig.

Tractor pull.

Home-made ice cream.

The Budweiser Clydesdales.

Ooh, snakes! That's certainly worth $1. Maybe I'll even get to hold one.

Wait, that's it? So not worth $1.

Lots of pretty birds.

And even a lizard you could pet.

Lots of artwork in here.

All science based pictures.

That's pretty impressive.

Wow, that kid actually made a wooden chair.

This was one of my favorites.

Love his reaction.

One of my favorite parts of fairs are the photographs.

Her display consisted of lots of past ribbons. Pretty meta.

Science fair?

Yep, science fair.

This kid obviously has smart parents.

Old-time photographs.

Ooh, I want to go in the bouncy house!

Pretty lake.

Bumper boats.

One way to get across the fair.

Fry bread, mmm. 

Lots of meat.

And more. 

The human muscle exhibit. Pretty cool, except it was an extra charge and you couldn't bring in cameras.

Yee haw! She sure enjoyed herself on the mechanical bull.

You could feed the bears. Apparently they like dog biscuits.

Lots of stands.

Biggest grill in the world.

A couple of old trains.

Lumberjack wars.

Beer tent.

An unlimited carnival ride pass is normally $50, but I had a coupon for $15 off. Still a bit expensive for rides I've already done many times before.


A huge slide.

Carnival games galore.

I wanna win that.

That's pretty high.

I wonder if the carnies grab any change that falls out of people's pockets.

Water ride.

The roller coaster.

It's called the Typhoon.

It wasn't too horribly slow.

Some giant boots.

Sweet! Beer tent with football.

Elephant rides.

Swing on a trapeze.

The girl required just a little push from the operator, haha.

Swinging away.

No way. After the dumb snake exhibit, I'm not paying any more for any of these.

Do his parents really think that looks good or secretly hate him? 

That's pretty much the most horrifying thing I've ever seen.

Oh, that sounds cool!

Um, no. A few sharks in an aquarium does not an "encounter" make. 

There were a few big halls of vendors.

Mostly jewelry and typical fair stuff, but this was a bit unique. Not sure what exactly it's for, but gotta love the entrepreneurial spirit.

I wonder how fast they'd kick me out if I tried to ride that around in the pool?

A little shuttle to take you around the fair.

This was hilarious. It's an animatronic dinosaur that moves its head around. But every once in a while, it sprays out a mist of water, which scares the heck of out people.

The classic matchup. 

Medieval times.

A giant carousel.

Dinosaur world.

Glad there's at least one you can sit on and get a picture with.

Some cool artwork.

These were gorgeous, too.

As were these clocks.

Of course, there had to be at least one cooking demonstration.

Lots of purses.

Aw yeah.