2011 Sep 30 | Underground Rebel Bingo

Uh, yeah, sure, that's what I'm going to. A health seminar. Yep. In The Satellite night club.

Beer? Check. Bingo card? Check. Let's do this!

Everyone's excited.

Hyping up the crowd.

Everybody seems to really enjoy it.

A bar in back.

I want that panda!

Oh no, a bingo. Did he win the panda?

Bwahaha, no! Damned cheater. There were actually a fair amount of false bingo calls from people who were either stupid, cheating, or too drunk.

There was a back room with a pool table and another bar.

People were drawing all over each others with the markers given to mark off their cards.

Need two rows to win... come on, 82!

I want that so I can act like Tom Hanks in Big.

All I need is a 69! So close. Come on!!!

A few people dressed up for the "health seminar."

No! Someone else got a bingo! And it was for that cool skull costume the girl is wearing.