2011 Oct 01 | cleaning office, Mike Tyson's Punch Out!!

One big problem with the tickets for the LA County Fair: they didn't have an address for it. I guess maybe that's because there are multiple parking lots at different locations, but still, it makes it hard to get driving directions.

I like that you can test out the tools before use, but this seems a little dangerous. What if some little kid comes up and starts playing with it?

Collectible cans of WD-40? I don't think so.

Had to get some small envelopes at the dollar store and decided to pick up a spatula. Gotta have some fun with those items, so I saw how many times I could flip the envelopes and still catch them on the spatula.

You can deposit checks in the ATM machines outside, but they don't have suckers there.

Nice name.

Ooh, I love the sound of the engine on this.

The Metro Link train was going about the speed of traffic. I'd like to use it, but it probably doesn't stop anywhere very convenient.

I haven't seen as many multi-overpasses here as in Houston, but here's a decent-sized one.

Love his neon orange shirt: "Can you see me now asshole!"

I think he likes the Bruins.

Slow part of the day; time to get some cleaning done. Our voicemail apparently had been having some problems, too, and was really backed up, so I checked 120+ messages while they cleaned the cases.

Never even got close to beating Tyson as a kid. But now there are site with tons of NES games online, so I figured I'd take another shot at him. Even with all the cheats turned on, I still lost. Screw you, Mike Tyson!

Out wandering around the streets before Rebel Bingo in Silver Lake. Mostly normal houses, not too nice and not too horrible, but a few cooler ones.

Except I didn't want to walk all the way up here! Dumb curvy streets.

Awww. I bought some glow sticks at the dollar store and didn't notice until now that one was already empty.

Very sneaky phishing email. Looks just like it's from AT&T, except the "enroll me" email address is a personal one at Gmail and and there's a paragraph about "official rules" for prizes at the bottom, which doesn't make sense.

I'm not really a fan of Roadrunner cable internet. Sometimes it's fine, like here.

And other times it's absolutely horrible. It's mainly only annoying when I want to watch YouTube videos at 720 and can't do so without preloading the entire thing. And then, inevitably, my video card will crash and I'll have to reload it all again.