2011 Oct 02 | Brewery Colony Art Walk

The Brewery Colony Art Walk is when the world's largest art complex had an open studio. There are over 100 artists who live and work in the lofts there.

A map.

Awesome horse sculpture.

One of my favorite paintings.

More cool paintings.

Looks to be a comment on the price of oil.

That's... interesting.

Cool chess pieces.


And even some people playing.

After we finally got the clock figured out, we started a game.

I lost my queen, but I fought back to win. Fun game. :)

You can rent out their photography darkrooms.

Formal logic.

There were a few buildings with multiple stories.

They were offering cooking classes here.

My favorite is the second from the right in the back, with the black weight offset by the silver curve.

Most of the artists had spaces to work and live upstairs.

Rocks held together by wire into a shape.

Ooh, I like the dinosaur ones.

Another building in the corner.

Awesome hot tub.

This woman was selling dog outfits.

Interesting seat.

That's... uh... yeah.

They're watching the Raiders game in here! I think I could just stay here for the next few hours.

A few stuffed animals.

Interesting cross with a skeleton.

These were gorgeous.

Lots of lamps.


A nice little open area.

Some really big paintings.

Some modern ones.

The most fun we had there was on this wheel. $10 bought 4 spins. We won a beer each, a tote bag, and a T-shirt; perfect!

Ooh, that's cool.

The hallway to some of the lofts.

One big loft.

They also lived in the studios, but the lofts were a lot nicer.

A walkway between the buildings.

Another loft.

A beer garden. Good thing we got our beers for basically $2.50 on the wheel, a lot cheaper. :)

$325 for a mask workshop. Which was the problem with all of the artwork here: it was neat, but too expensive.