2011 Oct 04 | driving around, Griddle Cafe

Really, CNN? You have a video of a pictures for a few minutes?

One annoying thing about where I live is there's this chute to the dumpster and you can't access the actual dumpster itself, which means you can't throw any big objects away. Which, in turn, means people pile up big trash items in the garage instead of actually putting them in a dumpster.

A metro stop in China Town.

The Disney Concert Hall is so cool looking.

Arg, I hate buying shirts. 32-33 and small, but a 14.5 collar makes it feel like I'm getting choked all the time.

And then the only thing with a larger collar is a medium, which is a bit too big, sigh.

These two run the same route at different times. The only difference is one doesn't make all the stops. Gotta be careful, though, because there's also a DASH bus that stops here that doesn't go where I need to.

Hmm, I wonder which would be better.

Great, got a call during lunch and nowhere to write the note. At least I had a pen to write something on the sandwich bag.

Does it really take three cops to bother a homeless guy? Couldn't they be out nabbing drug dealers?

Man, everything has these QR codes nowadays.

Breakfast at the Griddle Cafe.

Chocolate-covered French toast, and it's gigantic.

Nice match of the license plate to the car.

New business cards.

Big storm cloud over LA.