2011 Oct 05 | Tuesday's Best at Farmer's Market, rain

The Farmer's Market has had Tuesday's Best the past couple of Tuesdays.

A lot of the shops there participate. We did free vision screenings for kids.

I made a map of the free stuff, especially the beer.

There was a German band walking around.

Free food!

Free beer!

Demonstrating different cuts of meat.

The dog bakery beside us.

How to make Spanish food.

How to make tarts and eclairs.

How to make sausage.

Dumb smokers leaving their butts on the ground.

Or even worse, in the trash can. Cuz that's not a fire hazard at all.

First day I've seen a lot of rain since moving to LA.

I didn't see anywhere it was flooded, but it was fairly deep in some spots.

Aw man, it even rained into the office a bit.