2011 Oct 06 | Google Maps

Weird; the blue ring shows up on the laptop but not the LCD monitor.

Dumb key got stuck in the lock.

I don't get Google Map some times. It seems to prefer highway routes.

If I turn highways off, though...

... it's actually faster to take local roads.

... it's actually faster to take local roads. But then again, maybe not; this estimate was really off and it took forever.

Can't the big trucks wait until after rush hour to fix whatever this is?

Grr, I hate drivers who do this. In Cali, you're supposed to move over to the right when you turn so other cars can go around you, but this guy just stayed in the middle of the lane.

This place looks, uh, interesting.

The back entrance. Or maybe front, since it's facing the parking lot in back?

Having dinner with Judith Yeh.

I want a bucket, but they're using them to store squeegees. Good thing they have two buckets.

This Walmart always has a fun display set up.

Interesting pieces that stick up on these pants.

So glad I don't have to deal with this crap; it's so soul crushing.