2011 Oct 07 | bus, McDonald's

Aw, the GMail phone app update broke the GMail notifier app. While the notifier app writer made a new one, it's no longer free and it doesn't work as well.

Almost got this for a gag gift, but I figured some teenage girl would appreciate it more.

Aw, man, I wanted some of this, but it was gone by the time I called him.

Seems like a pretty dangerous place to stop. I would have taken the exit and stopped on a smaller street.

The right lane is exit only. If you don't drive here a lot, you might not know that, but once you see this sign, you should. So people who try to merge a long ways after this really annoy me. They save a few seconds, but they make traffic worse overall, selfish jerks.

I eventually have to merge into the left lane, but I'm behind a bunch of slow people. I bet the Jeep could make it over that divider, but I'm scared to try just in case there's a cop around.

Honestly, it looks like the driver of the parked car is trying to door the bicyclist, haha.

The Los Angeles County Optometric Society had their meeting here. Mostly really old guys and optometry students, though.

I don't care if you do have your flashers on, you should park in this lane during rush hour for any reason.

A cop directing traffic. I guess it probably goes a little more smoothly with him rather than just having everybody act like it's a stop sign since he can keep traffic flowing in each direction for a while.

But I hate the people who stop traffic for school kids to cross. The kids should be smart enough to use a crosswalk properly.

Country Club Park, eh?

I rather doubt there's a country club in this part of town.

The Jeep's radiator had a leak, so I dropped it off at a shop. Then I had to take the bus to work. Google Maps is actually really good a finding the bus routes.

Hmm... I could walk it for free in 30 minutes, or take the bus for $1.50. Decisions, decisions.

So if they're curable, it's really not that big of a downside; just a bit of discomfort, time, and money.

It was pretty busy on the bus and these people had their shopping bags on the seats while people were standing. Once it got really crowded they moved them, but still, they should have done it when anybody was forced to stand.

Ooh, a 4-piece nugget meal. That's much better than the 10-piece I usually get and don't finish anyway.

I hate how the drivethroughs have some pre-recorded voice that asks if you'd like to try X today. I usually ignore it and wait for the person to ask what I want, but sometimes I forget and start ordering, which makes the real person have to ask me to hold on. Whatever dumb executive thought of this should be fired.

I want honey. NOT honey mustard. I even specifically say not honey mustard. But sometimes they still give it to me. Which is why I usually keep a few extra honeys at home.

I hate the Walmarts in the city. The one to the south is ghetto and the one to the northwest is full of kids who run all over the place. Plus, they're multi-level, which drives me nuts. The ones to the east in the suburbs are normal and nice, but I never have any other reason to drive east, so it's not as efficient.