2011 Oct 07 | Devil's Night Drive In, football at Barney's Beanery, beach VB, riptide

Went to the Devil's Night Drive In Saturday night. It's on the second floor of a building downtown.

They have a little concession stand.

You can either sit on the astroturf or in your car.

The movie was Young Frankenstein. The women in front of me knew it word for word.

It was pretty full.

Checking out a new sports bar in Santa Monica to watch football, decided on Barney's Beanery. Looks pretty boring outside.

But inside is a whole different story. Tons of TV and cool seats. They were showing 7 football games.

Fun menu.

A lower area.

And a higher one.

Great timing taking the picture as I'm gesturing with my head to turn the camera. =/ I hate Bloody Marys, but it's free alcohol.

He's just an amazing athlete; I love watching him.

To the beach for the rest of the afternoon.

I'm enjoying the view of the, uh, Ferris wheel, yeah, that's it, the Ferris wheel.

Never seen anyone play baseball on the beach before. Seems pretty dangerous.

I was worried we wouldn't get a court, but they were pretty open.

After a couple of tough 2-on-2 volleyball games, we ran into the ocean to cool off.

Except when we tried to swim back in, I noticed we weren't getting any closer to shore after a few minutes of swimming by referencing the end of the pier. And I notice we were really, really far out for the amount of swimming we had done.

And then I noticed the lifeguards running towards our area. Uh oh, caught in a rip tide. Thankfully we didn't panic and knew what to do: swim parallel to shore until you're out of it. Once we got back into where we could touch the bottom, it was amazing how strong the rip current was; it was actually hard to stand even when it was only up to your knees.

There were a few surfers there.

A lot of sailboats.

Uh oh, sharks! Wait, no, I can see them breathing through their blowholes. Dolphins! And they were pretty close to shore. I really wanted to swim out to them, but after the rip tide, I was rather tired and a bit wary of going back into the water.

That looks like fun.

Group picture.