2011 Oct 12 | wax Jeep, Burger King, City Hall, online reviews

Walked to the parking lot without flip flops on once during the weekend to put more quarters into the meter, and got a big glob of tar on my foot. It's not coming off, either; I even scraped at it with a knife to no avail. Guess I'll just wait until the skin cells die and fall off.

Form over function. This looks cute, but there's not nearly enough ketchup for the fries. So I either have to be stingy with the ketchup or try to get it out of the dumb glass bottles, both of which are sub-optimal.

Not available on mobile? Why not? This is just stupid.

All the people double-parked in the morning to pick up other people.

It takes me a solid hour to wax the Jeep properly, but once it's done, it sure is pretty.

I never even considered ordering the steakhouse until the "sold out" sign brought that sandwich to my attention. And now I want it.

Wonderful, I can eat healthily at Burger King! But, uh, only 6 chicken fries, no dipping sauce, bottled water, and apple fries!? Yuck to all of that.

Awesome game of Sexy Snake going on. All greens, baby! Now I just have to figure out how to get to them.

This dumb "verify you're a human" has been popping up recently on my phone when I try to use Google. I wonder where it came from.

Aw, man, I just got this shirt tailored, and now it looks like there's a hole developing.

That's a huge brownie.

The speed limit here is 35. To hit the green lights, you have to go at least 45. Even 43 won't quite cut it. What sick person designed that?

This is such a confusing exit for Adams street. Two highways diverge here, and you have to take the one on the right, then stay in the leftmost lane, which merges back with the highway on the left, but exit to the right from that.

Bought some pens and was disappointed that there were only blue ones left. Got back to the office, opened them up, and half were black; score! Normally I'd be mad I didn't get what I wanted, but in this case it worked out. I also had an extra pack of labels I didn't buy, so I looked through the receipt for them, but it turned out they were a free giveaway. Double score!

My Notes app just disappeared. What in the world? It was even an official one that came with the phone. Thankfully I didn't have anything too important stored on it.

I like all the glitter in the paint.

I searched for City Hall but nothing came up on Google Maps.

But I can see it, so I'll just drive towards it.

I'm all for protestors until they block traffic.

Cool statue by the mall by city hall.

The 99% protestors at City Hall. Didn't know they had tents and were all camping out.

Yeah, but maybe it'd be better to go get a job rather than sitting on a lawn.

The last time I was at City Hall I got helped right away; not this time. It was about an hour wait. You have to wait until your number is called, and some girl who should have been around number 84 found number 72 on the floor and grabbed it. When they called 72 and she went up, about 5 people just about killed her.

Neat little outdoor area in the mall by city hall.

Cool spiral fountain.

Inner part of the mall.

I'm always scared of train tracks, but if there's asphalt on top of them, I figure they're safe. Unless some evil ghost-train comes through.

I put a knock-off ink cartridge in the printer and the dumb printer recognized it as unofficial. Now it won't tell me how much ink is left in the cartridge, which isn't a big deal, but it also prints super slow, like 5 minutes per page. Stupid HP.

I kept hearing ads for Freeway car insurance on the radio that advertise a price of $1 a day. I knew something had to be up, and sure enough, the online reviews revealed they first quote a much lower price on the phone than when you get there and they also charge a $500 or so broker fee in addition.

Los Angeles County + USC Medical Center is the major low-cost hospital in LA. Online reviews are either 1 star, from people who had to wait forever and got charged exorbitant fees, or 5 stars, from students who interned there.