2011 Oct 15 | Farmer's Market Fall Festival, Ozzy Osbourne book signing

Big line outside Barnes & Noble at 9am. I wonder what that's for?

Ah, Ozzy Osbourne book signing.

They had it guarded off pretty well, but I managed to catch a glimpse of him. Not that big of a deal, though; he looked like Ozzy. And I sure wasn't going to buy a book to see him closer and get a signature, especially because I'm sure it's ghost-written. Although if Ozzy actually wrote a book and nobody edited it, I would pay to read that.

Still people lined up. I'm not sure if they got to see him since the people who were there at 9am were getting wristbands and he didn't even start until 3pm.

Those are some big pieces of meat.

That just doesn't look natural at all. I had to wait around and watch her walk away to see if she had some sort of leg deformity. Nope, she was just standing that way.

So pretty, but in rush-hour traffic, it doesn't go any faster.

Juicy Yumburger?

I think these things are pretty dumb.

Cool graffiti.

Stopped by this place for dinner. Neat little place, but the food was just OK.

They didn't have much real seating; mostly a bar to stand at while you ate.

Fall Festival at Farmer's Market.


Various crafts.

Free food samples.

A pumpkin patch.

Some games.

Another one.

Ooh, a petting zoo!

Aw, so cute.

What, what's that?!

It's a baby kangaroo!

I remember how much fun we had as kids on pedal tractors.

This kid almost pulled the bale over after he "lasso-ed" the horns, haha.

I'm not sure how much fun raking would be; doesn't seem like the best booth.

Although a whole ton of corn kernels and trucks to dump it with? Oh yeah, that's my kind of place.

Lots of booths.

Back to the petting zoo.

Aw, so cute.

They had a nice variety of animals.

That's an awfully big pumpkin.


Pumkin-carving demonstration.

Another band in the food court.