2011 Oct 19 | surfing at El Porto, Griffin Observatory dessert picnic

Aw, my exit is blocked off.

This was the next exit you could U-turn around at, but everybody else was trying to turn here, too, so they were backed up all the way back onto the highway. So I drove up to the next exit where there was almost nobody, only a few other smart people like me.

Some ships out on the ocean.

Hard to see, but the beach is completely covered in birds.

Cool, people hanggliding from here.

El Porto beach for surfing.

Guy on a motorcycle in a business outfit.

Parking is really hard to find around my apartments, so the manager is making parking spaces in any area she can find. I don't like this one since it makes it hard to turn, but if I was that person, I'd rather park here than drive around looking for street parking all the time.

The state-issued license plates often sound like something, like this one: For thanks.

Aw, come on! I usually just pick whichever one is cheapest. If they're all the same price, I actually have to think a little bit about which one I want.

Eggs have this weird number for the day they were packaged (or laid, or something). The 282 stands for the 282nd day of the year. Honestly, who's going to count that out?

I don't think the entire state needs a day to practice for earthquakes. Honestly, we're adults; we should know what to do.

Heh, Walmart has pre-packaged beer pong sets.

Although they just made up most of these games.

Of course I pick the line behind the ancient couple who bought everything in the store and use a coupon for every single item.

The large meal gives you Monopoly tickets on the fries and nuggets, but not the drink.

The medium drinks are the ones with the tickets. And they're right there; I could grab them and run out.

I keep the winners in the Jeep to give to bums.

I have no idea.

Aw, that should be an ad for kobe beef.

I'm in an Asian district, but that sign still looks really weird, even for an Asian language.

"Be the good house?" Oh come on; that's low.

Ooh, I love these little straws filled with gum.

I doubt that's street legal, but it's a good idea.

Yeah, I think my car should be pretty safe parked here.

"We only accept coupons for items that we sell." How in the world is someone going to buy something you don't sell?

Some people were talking about these two crossing the road, so the woman with the kid got the kid to stick out her tongue at them. Ah, the ghetto.

That is one huge box of cereal.

OK, that's almost nude 69.

Buying a mirror for the office on Craigslist. This is some weird place where they guys sell all kinds of different items. I wonder how they aquire them?

She looks less than happy.

The one thing I hate about this nearby gas station is they're always out of towels for cleaning your windshield.

And when I get the discounted wash with gas, I can never remember what's the cheap one. What's so wrong with calling them cheap, middle, and expensive ?

The cheap one is only $3, and considering the self-wash places are all $2, that's not a bad deal at all.

Although the blower at the end is kind of weak.

Oh man, I used to love book fairs.

"Do we have windex?" "Yeah, it's in the bottle on the shelf." "I don't see it." "It's right here." Uh, yeah, remind me to never, ever drink anything at the office. Who puts Windex in a water container?

Some really cool business cards.

Really? There's parking the entire lot down, and you decide to squeeze your huge pickup between me and this guy?

"Repping high," I'd guess.

Meetup where everyone brought desserts to the Observatory. We were supposed to look through the telescopes, too, but it was too cloudy.

Displays inside the observatory.

Periodic table with samples of a lot of the elements.

Although the really rare ones didn't have anything.

As soon as I saw the round hole and the wire, I knew what they were all looking at.


A telescope.

A view to the south from the observatory.

The entrance.

The pillar in front through the compass.

The lights from the pillar made this interesting light configuration in the fog above.

Lots of photographers.