2011 Oct 20 | Santee Alley shopping, making Halloween costume

My costume plan.

I needed a surprisingly-large amount of pieces.

Only one of the four Walmarts that's within a 30-minute radius of me is open 24 hours.

OK, that's pretty much impossible not to look at.

Ah, I'm in luck. I wasn't exactly sure what I'd use for blinking lights in the costume head, but these little flashers at Walmart were only $1 a piece. Just had to break them open, which was quite easy.

Angry Birds costumes; that game is everywhere. And the EL-Wire costumes used to be really rare, but it looks like they're mainstream now.

That's a really fun picture, but I rather doubt most people have to worry about alligators here.

I've seen the hanging testicles, but I'd never seen this before; just a big mass of metal. Although I've seen it on a few different vehicles here, so I wonder what it's supposed to be.

Spraypainting the head of my costume.

Aw, the way to work is blocked off.

I don't know what's going on, but there are a ton of people in hard hats here.

And this way is blocked, too, grr.

Occupy LA people.

This Hispanic dollar store is selling baby turtles. I don't think that's legal.

Santee Alley is in the downtown shopping district.

The fabric district has tons of stores with all different kinds of fabric.

Ooh, I like that.


Lots of dresses.

And lots of furry leggings.

Tons of perfume.


More sexy outfits.

It was mostly women's clothing, but there were a few men's stores, too.

I love these.

"Hey, I know that sound!" Yep, Contra being played on some game system.


Ooh, lots of shiny ones here.

A view of one corner from a story up.

Working on the necklace for my costume. This was pretty hard; the other side was spray painted gold, so I had to write the letters backwards on this side and cut them out, which wasn't very precise.

Coming along nicely.