2011 Oct 21 | Rebel Underground Bingo, Old Town Haunt, Pancakes and Booze Art Show

Another Rebel Underground Bingo, this time at the Key Club in Hollywood. I got a parking spot right in front.

Now that's an awesome prize: a remote-controlled floating shark!

More of these costumes like last time.

Some people I went with that I had met at the observatory dessert party.

Markering each other up.

Love her marker mustache.

Everyone having a good time.

That's a pretty neat disco ball, but I'd prefer winning the woman in the full-body leotard holding it.

It was really crowded.

When I first got there, I was around a woman who was having her birthday party here and some of her friends, so we talked for a bit. This guy was one of her friends and won the last prize of the evening, a giant boombox.

Rick Caruso is the owner of The Grove, the more-upscale shopping center beside the Farmer's Market. These people are out here on occasion protesting.

I don't think having "Quick Time" in any ad is a good idea. Quick Time was a really annoying video format years ago, and everyone has really bad associations with those words.

I hate the flat pull-up paper towels; the other doctor hates the rolls. So this is our compromise.

There's a big Jewish community just west of the Farmer's Market. Their dress is very distinctive.

There are lots of very nice, big houses around here.

Arg, you're supposed to pull over to the side more when you turn so people in the right lane can keep going straight without you holding them up. The roads here and in San Francisco are all build wide enough for this, yet people very rarely do it here whereas in San Francisco everyone does it. Annoying.

We went to the Old Town Haunt in Pasadena on Friday night. It was supposed to be a pretty good haunted house.

It was OK. Not that scary, and they all made me go first because they were scared, which wasn't fun because nothing scared me. I would have preferred going last and laughing at everyone else. There were a few cool sections, though, like one place where you had to crawl on your hands and knees and another that was completely dark, so you had to feel your way through with your hands.

These were the two best costumes there.

After that, a quick touch-up to my costume. I had inteded to have this cardboard stacked up inside as a spacer so I could look through the mouth, but that made it all way too top heavy. So I just tore it all out and looked through the eyes instead. Thankfully, I got lucky on where I put the eyes and I could see out just fine.

Next up was the Pancakes and Booze Art Show in LA.

Various music and tons of artwork.

Quite a wide variety.

The ad said it was a costume party, but not a lot of people dressed up. Some did, however.

People doing make-up for people there.

The upstairs area.

Some more artists.

It wasn't too crowded, but it wasn't empty; a good middle ground.

An outside area as well.

These people were also disappointed that very few people dressed up. We were also supposed to get a free prize when we arrived, but that didn't happen, either.

The inspiration for my costume, the dancing robot from LMFAO in Sexy and I Know It.

My costume, Not what I had originally planned, but I didn't have the supplies for that one in time, and I could whip this one up in the few days' notice I had. Everyone at the party loved it, though; they all wanted to take a picture with me. Cardboard, tail-light covers, $1 flashing lights, fishnet stockings, and lots of duct tape and spray paint for the head, iron-on printer transfers and a shirt from a thrift store, cut-out spray-painted paper and and a cheap silver chain that I spray painted gold taped to a piece of cardboard with a black sheet printout, $5 gold leggings from an outdoor market, and cheap slippers from Walmart.