2011 Oct 23 | Deep Creek Hot Springs

We met at Burger King and followed each other from there. Which was a bit hard in the traffic, but it was always easy to find the motorcycle.

Waiting for everyone to catch up.

Looks like we're headed the right way.

Parking at Bowen Ranch costs $5 but is only a 2-mile hike. The other parking lot is a 6-mile hike, although it's not as steep.

A map. "Turn it this way to go in, this way to go out."

Good thing I hadn't washed the Jeep recently.

Guess we're walking from here.

A little fence crossing we had to fit through.

The group on the way down.

Good to remember all the little markers so you don't get lost.

A little lizard.

Interesting tree.

At least we know we're going the right way.

A steeper section.

Don't wanna fall down the hill.

I wonder what that red stuff is.

Little arrows to guide the way.

There were a lot of these little plants.

And the first thing I spot when we get to the spring are naked people.

A view of the main pool and the little springs.

North = cars.

A little area with water running down.

One of the main pools.

A higher one.

A mid-level one.

You had to go across this cold stream to get to the hot springs.

That's one way to keep your beer cold.

Me in one of the pools.

There were about four different pools here and another one off to the side.

A couple of guys brought guitars.

A view from farther up.

A few of the people in our group in the hottest spring.

A few little fish were swimming around.

Only overnight campers we saw.

A view down from some higher rocks you could climb up.

These rapids were pretty strong. If you tried to step into a deeper spot, you might get knocked down.

Ooh, fun, a rope swing!

There were a few man-made objects for the springs, including pipes and sandbags.

Another little pool.

Covered in mud.

It was pretty warm out so it dried quicly.

A guy swimming to the other pools rather than walking around.

Most people hung out in the two lower pools.

A big log over a campfire.

Off onto another little hike.

A view of the hot springs from the other trail.

Some people on the other side of the springs.

Our little hiking group.

Pretty narrow.

Just basically follow the river.

A little waterfall.

Hey, I swear I saw something move here.

Good camouflage.

Our mini-group taking a break.

Poison Oak?

Me on a rock.

Going across this little log over a stream.

Packing back out across the cold area.

Everybody getting ready to hike back up.

A neat little plant.

She had enough energy to scramble up to the top of some rocks.

Almost there, guys!


Waiting for the rest of the group to catch up.

There were a few nude hikers in addition to nude swimmers / sunbathers.

Pretty view.