2011 Oct 28 | Dave & Busters

Looking through the LA Weekly for interesting things to do. One of the annoying things about working Saturdays is I can't do a lot of events like this.

Those don't look like gardening legs.

This looks really fun, but it's a bit pricey.

Of all of these, Jim Jefferies, an Australian comedian, would be the only one I'd think of going to.

Not a ton of Oktoberfest ads, but a few.

Oh come one, guy in the red pickup. You can squeeze between the bus and the other lane of traffic; the roads are designed specifically for that. LA has so many sissy drivers.

This was weird. A lot of my apps got deleted for no apparent reason.

Sunset from the top of The Grove. This picture is with my Fujifilm Z5, a little point-and-shoot.

Same picture with my DSLR. Definitely more detail with this one, but the other one is still good.

Yeah! Got to the final level of Sexy Snake with 0 points for the next level, which is basically beating the game.

I love using cruise control but I never get to since I'm in the city all of the time. But on the way out to the hot springs was pretty empty, so I got to use it a bit.

The only trail mix I really like is this one from Target, mainly because it doesn't have chocolate to melt. It's usually pretty expensive, but it was on a huge sale, so I bought three packs. Then again, the big container of it is just as cheap, although then you have to put it into manageable bags yourself.

I'm terrified of long uphill roads since that's what killed the transmission on the truck years ago when I drove out to California.

I love buffets because you have complete freedom over what you want. You can get any item in any amount. It's so American. Although all the Asians I saw eating there only ate Asian food. Really? Can't you make or buy better Asian food near you?

Normally I don't like t-shirts like this, but I agree with this one.

That's interesting.

"He died for me, I'll live for Him." Except you're not. You live your nice comfortable life and go to church once a week and maybe do something nice for poor people every once in a while. If you really were living for Him, you'd go to some poor country where people are starving and be miserable trying to help them every waking hour.

I hate this ad. Who would wear Uggs on a horse?

I like these bright wigs, though.

It's really more no-family planning, isn't it?

Haha, great ad. "Throw in a bottle of fine ice cold beer."

That's a lot of fries.

I love these. A tube of everything you need for s'mores.

They even include sticks.

In one of the MW3 commercials, all of the soldiers use glasses that the commercial director saw in our store.

Ugh, Uggs.

I never knew this Goodwill was just a block away from work. There's even an Out of the Closet, another thrift store, just one more block away, and they always have a bunch of LA Weeky papers which are hard to find around here.

You can personalize your debit card with your own picture, so I used a picture of my retina.

Aw, got a cute little bear for free with our order.

OK, that looks so unprofessional. Did they steal envelopes from the state board of pharmacy or something?

I don't like honey with my chicken, but one of the McDonald's around here doesn't have honey for my chicken nuggets, so I might hold onto these.

This school looks more like housing.

They're weird because they have multiple schools that share the same space.

Save 20 cents per gallon with a carwash.

So if I get 10 gallons, that's $2 saved. The cheapest car wash costs $7, so that makes the car wash $5.

Although the car wash is broken, so you can say you're getting a wash and still get the discount without having to pay for the wash.

"I don't need to open this every time I throw garbage away; I can just throw it into the dumpster over the door." Proceeds to throw the garbage too far, over the dumpster, requiring me to squeeze through the tiny space between the dumpster and the wall to retrieve it. So maybe that wasn't the best idea.

This corner is crazy at night. On the east is this building where all of these red blocks turn on and off like they're following each other.

And on the other side is this super-bright, flashy, gigantic billboard.

They trademarked a (dot) symbol? That seems a little too simple.

How can it be guaranteed always in stock? What if I go in and buy every single one? Then it's not. Liars.

Haha, nice PacMan sticker.

We went to Dave & Busters on Wednesday night because games are half-priced then.

There's an outdoors patio bar on the roof, but it was closed.

To remember for next time: don't sit on the edge of the trivia game because the reflections make it really hard to read the questions.

I got all excited about this because I thought it was like Frogger, which I loved as a kid. However, rather than controlling the frog the entire way, you just hit the button once and the frog automatically keeps going. How dumb.

These women were trying to get this stuffed donkey over and over and over, but for some reason, even though they grabbed it and lifted it up, it never moved.

Well would you look at that. This frog has velcro on it's hand which was stuck to the donkey, holding it down.

Sweet, I got the jackpot on the jump-rope game!

And I got the light just beside the 1000 tickets slot three times in a row. So do you keep going, knowing that you're so close, or give up since you probably won't get it anyway? Heck, maybe they even skew it so it's more likely to land in the 20 than the 1000; perhaps each light bulb isn't an equal size of the actual program.

That's an eye-catching business card.

Well, at least they didn't just leave it sitting on the road like so many people do.

This police truck was in the way of the left lane of traffic.

It looks like there had been an accident, but the cars were gone; all that was left were some pieces. I wonder of the officer just hadn't gotten around to moving his truck yet or if he was trying to save this for evidence.

A neat pool downtown.

The Disney Concert Hall, a really neat looking building.

Downtown in the fog.