2011 Oct 29 | Halloween parties at Skinny's Lounge, reddit, porn industry at Ecco

A list of some of the Halloween parties going on in LA. The Kandy Halloween at the Playboy Mansion would be neat, but $1000 is a little out of my price range.

This one is a bit different: cheaper admission for people in the porn industry.

I didn't have any pockets to hold my wallet, but then I realized I had a gigantic box on my head, so I made a little holder out of an envelope, put my driver's license, a credit card, and $20 in it, and taped it inside.

I edited the head of a costume a bit after the party last Friday. It was too loose, so I was trying to think of a way to make it tighter. The idea of using a baseball cap popped into my head, and I even had one that I had gotten for free at a surfer's event a while ago. So I stapled / taped it in and it worked great.

Extra supplies I brought along and kept in the car, just in case I needed to make any repairs.

The finished costume.

The first party I went to was on Friday in North Hollywood, or NoHo.

You were supposed to find people with the same card as you and then hand them in to be entered into a drawing. I found my first match right away, but then I went through every single person there and nobody matched my second card, so that was a bit annoying.

The final game of the world series was on, so some of us sat and watched that.

Ooh, I want all of these. Too bad my costume doesn't have any pockets.

This was my favorite costume of the night.

The Borat costume is a bit dated by now.

Some people headed in while I was headed out.

The second party was on Saturday at someone's private house up north. It was for reddit, which is an internet site, so a lot of the costumes were nerdy or memes on that site.

I realized after the Friday party was I couldn't really drink anything. Problem solved with a really long straw.

The girl in the R2D2 costume won sexiest outfit.

This was my favorite group. They're the classes of Team Fortress, a video game I used to play a lot.

Lots of goodies.

One woman kept saying she thought I was some band, but couldn't remember the name. Then these guys showed up as the Daft Punk guys, who she thought I was, heh.

Gotta love some beer pong.

Someone with a really nice camera was taking pictures of everybody in this room. Here was mine.

I left that party a bit early to get to the next one: the porn industry party at Ecco in Hollywood.

Some fellow LMFAOers!

It's a Mr. T costume; awesome!

I didn't recognize any porn stars, although a few of them were handing out their business cards. This woman looks kind of porn-star-ish and she doesn't really have a costume, so maybe she's one?

Wow, this girl is gorgeous.

I liked this guy's outfit. Simple, but he was huge.

A couple I met walking down the street after the party. Actually, that was more fun than the party itself.

A big line for another club.

Two more people in LMFAO costumes. These guys were at a crosswalk and practically tackled me to get a picture.