2011 Oct 31 | Halloween in West Hollywood

The last Halloween party was the big outdoor one in West Hollywood. We took the bus from work because it was only a few miles and we didn't want to pay for or try to find parking any closer. I got this trivia question right!

There were a fair number of stages with singers.

It was pretty crowded, but not horribly so. We showed up and left early, though, so maybe it got worse later on.

Aw, I got all excited about seeing ass and it's a dude.

There weren't a ton of cops, but they were stationed regularly at the intersections.

That's a bit of a height difference.

These tron outfits were quite nice.

They looked really cool in the dark with the glowing edges.

I think these were my favorite costumes of the night: Sub-Zero and Kitana from Mortal Kombat. Very well done.

Another guy not afraid to show off his rear.

I wonder if that worked.

Some pretty big wings.

That guy has a pretty nice body.

This spider one was cool. Really complex, too; it was hard to figure out everything that was on it.

Oh my.

Me with some other LMFAO guys. I saw a ton of costumes of the guy on the right, but this was the only one I saw of the guy on the left.

Aw, I didn't get a good picture of this, but it was an angel with her hands tied behand her back and chained up by a demon. Interesting concept, but I hope she didn't trip.

These were awesome, too.

These were just weird.

Some 99% protestors.

This guy had a big snake people were always stopping to pet.

Another LMFAO guy.

This woman was freakishly tall.

A fake person in front with the guy being the baby on the back.

I thought there might be a Steve Jobs one of some sort.

He must have some pretty tall shoes.

These were really well done.

And some guys dressed up as Street Fighter characters (and a random Wolverine) on our walk back to the bus. They were missing a few of their friends, but they were late and we didn't want to wait in the cold for them just for a picture.