2011 Nov 07 | downtown flower market

I never beat Castlevania as a kid, so I gave it a try online. Had to turn on infinite lives, but I finally got it. The second-to-last bass, the grim reaper, took forever. There's a certain weapon that makes him super easy, but I accidentally picked up another weapon before him and couldn't get the good one again.

Dumb Craigslist scammers. They put up a fake post, you email them, they say another person emailed them first, then they send this. Also, they spam your email, which is why I like to use a separate email account just for Craigslist.

The flash on my DSLR wasn't working. It would pop up, but then it would give an error that it wasn't up. I kept messing with it but couldn't figure it out. So I called Canon tech support and the guy was super helpful. He said look in the back below the flash and there should be a tiny little pin that's stuck down; just jiggle it to make it pop up. And sure enough, that worked. I kept messing with the bigger latch up front; the pin was so small I missed it.

I like the review for the Wells Fargo app: "Let's me catch Wells Fargo charging me for bs right away."

Oh, what a great day for Sexy Snake. All greens, and even a glowing one!

Honestly, who's going to buy 10 boxes of cereal?

Aw, I wanted to read what additional footage is in the extended addition, but it was locked in this case.

I understand wanting to save money, but a single $1 coupon on a $95 purchase? Honestly, it probably wasn't worth your time cutting it out and carrying it around. Probably got your fingers all full of ink and such.

Hmm, I don't know about this. Oreos did this package design a while ago, but Fig Newtons tend to dry out quickly if they're not sealed, and this doesn't seal very well.

An Out of the Closet thrift store a few blocks north of work.

They always have interesting displays.

I go there mainly to get the LA Weekly, but it appears they take them in when they're closed. Which is good in that it keeps the bums from taking a lot of them, but it's bad in that I can't grab one before they open.

Statue of Raoul Wallenberg, a Swedish diplomat who went to Budapest and saved thousands of Jews from Auschwitz, but then the Soviet army took him prisoner and he died in prison there.

Pretty windows.

A singles ad paper. Haven't looked through those recently.

Wait, this isn't a bunch of lonely trucker ads. Personals, my ass.

A rather insane ad on Craigslist, especially because it was posted like 10 times.

This parking lot for Whole Foods / KMart / etc across from the Farmer's Market is always insanely busy.

Ooh, authentic German food, gotta give this a try.

They even have German newspapers.

Except they only had hot dogs and they weren't authentic at all. The bun is too big, the Sauerkraut is too sweet, and I don't remember garlic fries in Germany.

Better have some ice cream to get the taste of Sauerkraut and garlic out of my mouth before I see patients. There are a couple of ice-cream stands in the Farmer's Market, and this one even has bubble gum, which I loved as a kid.

Went to the downtown flower market Monday.

It's $2 to get in.

There are tons of flowers.

Lots more down this way.

Not much upstairs.

The names of the vendors are listed on boards hung from the ceiling.

Ooh, this is a pretty arrangement.

Buckets and buckets of flowers.

I wanted one of each color of the big roses, but they wouldn't split them up for me.

So I went to a different booth and wanted this, but with red and white lilies rather than yellow. I asked the woman working the register and she said they couldn't substitute any, but then the owner came out from the back and said "Hell yes we can!" literally tore the yellow lilies out, and put some red and white ones in. That's the kind of person who gets my business.

There are actually lots of other shops on the surround streets that aren't a part of the official market.

If you can't keep up with traffic and there isn't a designated bike lane, you really shouldn't be on that road.

Well, that didn't work; two patients were scheduled in that time, sigh.

Ooh, look! The newspaper stand right next to my office has the LA Weekly! Now I don't have to go walking for a few blocks to get one.

Those letters aren't possible.

Had lunch at Tart.

It was OK, but not worth $16 for some sliders and fries in my opinion. Although I do like how they include the amount for different tip percentages and a survey for a free dessert.

Citibank still hasn't set this clock back from Daylight Savings Time. And it's off by a few minutes anyway.

One of my favorite parts of Christmas: mixed nuts.