2011 Nov 09 | Jenny: Observatory

To Chinatown for dinner.

This is how Jenny inserted the tab for the to-go box. Really? You're Asian; you should have done this plenty of times.

My map for Jenny to get to Santee Alley, Koreatown, and Chinatown.

How I ride when Jenny drives.

I hope you didn't buy the whole Kindle just for Dots and Boxes.

The topping on the dessert at the Cheesecake factory was too sweet even for me; it was like pure fudge.

Aw, arms all sore from vaccinations for South America.

Teaching Jenny how to crack nuts.

Getting some hiking boots at REI.

A view of the Hollywood sign from the top of my office.

Downtown from the observatory.


Thankfully it wasn't too cloudy tonight so we could look through the telescopes.

Although you have to find it first; just follow the signs.

This side doesn't have a telescope.

Here it is.

Jenny looking at the moon.

The observatory has multiple tiers.

The moon, Jupiter, and the observatory.

The moon, Jupiter, and the statue.

You could look at Jupiter and three of its moons through this telescope out front.

Jenny getting a picture of the Hollywood sign.