2011 Nov 12 | Marie Grace's birthday party

Her toolset matches her top.

"Don't you dare take a picture of me using a pink hammer!"

Marie Grace's turn.

"To the left!"


Not gonna run out of alcohol any time soon.

Making drinks.

Only using the egg whites.

Drinking drinks.

Everything was so good.

I wonder if she's any good?

Well, that answers that. Marie Grace, queen of bullseyes.

Jenny letting one fly.

Never let go of your drink, even to play darts.

"Don't miss the board, don't miss the board." Nobody had any idea how to run the dart board, including me, but I figured it couldn't be too hard, so I did it. It was a bit hard to figure out at the beginning, but there are only a few buttons, so I got it. Then I didn't play the first game, but when it got to the end and nobody could get the exact number to win, so they had me try, and I got it on my first throw! Exact same thing happened the next game.

Good form.

Never played before, hmm? Yeah, right, not the way she was making shots.

Just tap it in. Just tap it in. Give it a little tappy. Tap-tap-tap-a-roo. I made four shots in a row this game, so that was cool.