2011 Nov 16 | Focus Vision Clinic, etc with Jenny

Accident really backing up traffic.

It's so nice driving against traffic.

And it's pretty out here.

Focus Vision Clinic: very nice office.

Ooh, a light-up phoropter; cool.

Although I don't like this line on the electronic chart.

This looks a lot like a coworker; freaky.

9-11? Why would you put that on your plate?

This lady was in a hurry, but still, that's horrific parking, and she's not even handicapped.

Dumb keys got stuck in the door at the office.

"Party mix"? Uh, no, not at any party I'm having.

Ooh, four glowing balls at once!

The engine smelled a little hot to me, so I lifted the hood and saw this. The air-intake vent had come out and was just hanging around near the back of the engine.

So Asian.

Crosswalks that let you cross the street at an angle; pretty inefficient, I think.

I like the yellow-tinted windows on the yellow car.

Those are cool.

That would be neat.

I want one of these classic-color license plates.

Needed some cheap tissues for the office, but when they have these 88-cent sales, they get cleared out.

1,20 cents L.B? OK, that's like the most confusing thing ever.

Aw, look at her feet. Definitely one reason to not become a bum.

Haha, that's a great plate.

Neat car.

Really, REI? $90 for a pair of sticks?

"Hey, spider, I think we should go outside. You scare Jenny."

And then five minutes later he's right back inside my apartment again.

Jenny's contacts came in, so I figured I'd wrap them up as as present as best I could with office supplies. Even a little bow from a tissue.

They tape the Extra show here.

They were interviewing some new actors in a Twilight TV show.

Yum yum.

Always good to have a compass.

There's a giant gingerbread house with Santa inside and a big tree at the Grove.

Why you don't carry pizza sideways in a bag.

Google Navigation has been pretty bad at estimating time lately. 33 minutes to the destination at 7:30am...

... and 27 minutes at 7:52. That does not compute. The worst part is then it recommends slower routes. I was driving back from Focus Vision Clinic and it kept telling me to stay on 10 rather than 60, which would have cost me an extra 20 minutes. After every single exit it recalculated and told me to take the next exit to 10, grr.

You don't see good and bad angel stickers on many trucks driven by women.

There are lots of oil rigs scattered around LA. Here's one bunch of them.

Maybe there are two of them and it's their name? Maybe s/he likes birds? I dunno.