2011 Nov 18 | bus, TMNT and Back to the Future drink along

I love the trivia questions on the bus because I know most of them.

Although they seemed to be geared towards people who grew up in the 80s.

They also have news, but since the volume is so low you can barely hear it, it's not that useful. Plus, it's in Spanish.

You can look up when the next bus will be there, but honestly, Google Maps does just as well.

There is a matching game where they show pictures, you have to remember two, and then they flip the pictures over and move them around. You can actually win a few hundred dollars if you send in the correct answer and you get picked. I'm torn between wanting the money and realizing other people who take the bus probably need it way more than I do.

Aw, the TV is out. Guess I'll have to start bringing a book for when this happens.

Santee Alley is a downtown shopping area; this is a little ripoff across the street.

I like the picture, but you don't see too many people dressed like that shopping here.

A safe built into the ATM.

I don't think that's legal.

And those definitely aren't. There are actually a lot of vendors selling various colored contacts.

I've always loved the ingenuity of this. "We need a post here but can't dig a hole." "Dump some concrete into a bucket and stick the pole in that!"

The autorefractor was only printing out the average refraction rather than all the takes. It's annoying because I like seeing each one to see how accurate the average is and if there's anything weird going on. Thankfully it was easy to change.

That's almost the luckiest state-issued Asian plate you could get; if only the front 5 was an 8.

That's a tight fit.

OK, the end of his license plate basically says "Jew."

Another great idea: instead of having a switch to make the lights twinkle, just stick in a single special bulb.

One of the few things that isn't any cheaper to buy in bulk. Also, since they dry out once you open them, it's always better to buy smaller packages anyway.

Hey, look, Western!

One set of packages was blue and one was pink. I looked at everything and I swear they're identical otherwise.

The blimp in downtown LA.

The edge of the bed is right there waiting for you to kick it with your shin. I bought some fabric at a store and happily found out I could just wrap it around and then stick the ends in and it would hold itself so I didn't even have to tape (I was worried wouldn't hold) or sew it (I didn't want to be doing lying upside down on my back under the bed).

Getting on the highways around my apartment during rush hour is insane. I was at this light for three changes and we didn't move at all. Even when the traffic on the other side of the light moved a bit, cars from the other direction filled it in. I have to remember to go and use another entrance somewhere else for the highways.

Stupid Google Navigator. It chooses the route that takes the highways but also takes 5 minutes longer. Why wouldn't it pick the faster route which is almost as easy? At least it has an option to change it.

And here it's going retarded. I have to go a few miles to the right at this intersection. Google Navigator wants me to turn left there instead, drive a few miles, U-turn, and then drive back four miles. WTF?

Dinner with the Los Angeles County Optometric Society at a Persian restaurant.

Apparently the didn't have our reservation, so we couldn't get the back room. They at least had this big room out front, but the two tables are split in half by a big plant, so we really couldn't talk to the other table much.

Even though they cleaned the carpet before I moved in, there's still a pretty big light stain.

Rather than try to keep cleaning it, I think I'll just buy an area rug instead.

Although not in that price range.

Ah yeah, that's what I'm talking about.

If I had more room in my apartment, I'd so make a ball pit.

To get into this grocery store, you have to squeeze through this turnstile. It's tiny, though, so I guess fat people have to go around.

Finally! Two other grocery stores were all out of marsala wine.

Movie drink-along at the Downtown Independent with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Back to the Future. Drinking cues: pizza, ending up in pile, Raph loses temper, babe, Splinter, 80s slang. Chicken, jerk, butthead, great scott, heavy, 88mph, hit on by his mom.