2011 Nov 24 | Golf N Stuff

Naw, I'm pretty sure I'm going to try to force the doors open.

Butter shaped like a turkey.

Already making behind-the-back shots.

Wasn't sure if this would work, but the DVD player has a USB port. So I stuck it in and it played the movie just fine.

Come on, people. A backpack is not recycleable.

This guy in the van blocked three lanes of traffic trying to turn right out of the grocery store parking lot when he could have just went out the other exit and had the light right there.

I like that idea.

Apparently the stapler has been removed enough that someone was very unhappy about it.

That's just disgusting.

This old guy was jamming to some heavy metal on his portable CD player.

I'm guessing those are their initials, but that also could be Eeyore loves Tigger from Winnie the Poo.

Titanium-covered scissors; these things rock.

Pretty fog.

Normally I'm not a fan of vehicle enhancements, but the orange on the tires looks nice.

Pretty view of the mountains.

I really like the blue color, but I just can't think of an appropriate time to wear this shirt.

In a suit on a scooter.

All these cars were in front of me in this lane, and then all of the sudden they parted and I had a clear road ahead of me. It's the small things in life.

I hate this. Come on, I need to know where to go!

I thought traffic from downtown LA to Santa Monica would be clear and it would be bad in the oppsite direction, but I had it backwards. It was full going to Santa Monica...

... and clear coming back.

Aw, the holder for my phone is scraping off the coating on the Jeep. I put some black tape on the holder to hopefully make it softer.

Downtown 6th Street is packed full with bums.

It's almost like a mini-city.

This is hard to see, but that's basically a golf cart with giant bull horns on it going down the road.

Someone wrapped up this light post for the holidays.

Crazy day: two blown bulbs, one in the lensometer and one in the slit lamp.

My new rug has these annoying creases on one side, so I'm trying to set some flat, heavy objects on it to flatten them out. So far it's not working.

Bought a really cheap tripod from Amazon and broke it within 30 seconds because I was trying to push the supports in the wrong direction. Gorilla glue to the rescue.

I hate peeling hard-boiled eggs. It's easy if I can get under the skin, but even then sometimes I get impatient and end up ripping off big chunks of egg instead of just shell.

A big truck backing up. Nothing to do except wait.

Found this cabinet on Craigslist and it's a perfect fit for some contacts at the office.

It's impossible to drop the coin directly onto the winning ledge, so you have to drop it on another one and then spin the pillar to try to fling it onto the bottom one. I think I could have had it, but I got a little impatient, and it was only a for an order of small fries, so I wasn't being really careful.

Aw, the LCD screen on my camera is now completely dead. At least I've used it enough I can basically still operate it without having to look.

The first picture of my driver's license had me look like I was winking. So we retook it, but the first one I was staring too much to keep from looking like I was winking. The last picture we took was fine, though. Unfortunately, it looks like the lady running the machine used to second, I-look-like-a-serial-killer photo.

Golf N Stuff is a little place that's famous for being in The Karate Kid.

They have go-karts.

Some people going around.

Yeah, right. Actually, some kid bumped into me and we both got stuck on the edge. Nobody came to push us out, so I jumped out and pushed him and then myself away from the wall. Then the guys finally showed up and told me to not get out. Sorry, guys, but you took way too long to get there.

It's a little cold for bumper boats.

The arcade.

There are four different goofy golf courses.

A castle.

A clock tower in the back and some neatly-trimmed bushes in the front.

It looks like the bumper cars are closed down for the night.

A spinning ride.