2011 Nov 30 | Glendale chess park

Sunday I went to the Glendale chess park to meet some people who were playing there. I like the columns that look like chess pieces.

Info on the park.

I beat Carlos once and then he killed me the next game.

Keith was way out of my league.

Everybody thinking hard.

Matt was probably the closest to my strength, so we played a lot. He was also really funny.

Didn't play Lin; next time.

An intense game in the distance.

I like how the two kings are facing off with a pawn between them.

CJ was pretty new to the game, so I went over some basic strategies while playing a few games with her. She also had this beautiful chess set.

Honestly, why are 9-volts so expensive? That's almost $5 per battery.

They had this little plastic stopper on the rack so you couldn't take the product off without an associate. Except that you can just pull the product down and rip the packaging right off the hook.

I'm surprised that one was allowed. I bet a porn star would pay a lot for that plate.

That's an interesting name for a pharmacy.

Honestly, why not just 75 and 100 watt?

I'm pretty sure semis aren't allowed in the carpool lane. And if they are, they shouldn't be.

Once you get out of the city a bit, the houses can have a lot more land around them.

Overpasses and mountains.

A tumbleweed? I was not expecting to see one of those out here.

This is a really cool ring, the gears move, but it's not worth $165. People even tried making similar ones but apparently he sued them.

At Best Buy, they have the smaller stuff to be picked up organized by name in the back, but the big items are just scattered around here.

I bought a new camera online, a Nikon S8100 (which Jenny had and is according to reviews really good). Got it at half price and it even came with a free SDHC card and carrying case. However, I wanted another card as a backup, and was looking around in the store a bit. I almost bought one in another section when I wandered over here and saw a 8GB extreme one (the fastest type) $10 cheaper than the 8GB ultra one. Normally the extreme one would be at least $10 more expensive, so I got lucky on that sale.

I always carry my pen upside-down in my pocket; if it were right-side up, I'm worried it'd make a hole. Every once in a while the button gets pressed and I end up writing all over my hand when I put my hand in my pocket.

Gah, this is the only set of normal Post-It notes they have. All the others are super stick or accordian or colored or recycled or whatever. I really don't need 20 of them, but it's my only choice.

Someone loves Jesus.

So cool! This woman had two birds with her in the store.

I got one of these free mini stuffed animals with my first order but not with the last one. I figured they just sent it out in the first order for every person, but nope, it looks like it happens if you order more than $50 worth of stuff. Last time I only ordered $44. Normally things like this don't sway my purchasing, but heck, for another one of these, I could easily have bought another $6 worth bottles of eye wash or something that I'd use eventually.

Refine refraction to 0.05D. I don't believe it. Most people have a hard enough time figuring out 0.25D.

Some pretty bum-looking guys playing chess in McDonald's.