2011 Dec 04 | bus, Rebel Underground Bingo, Cave of the Munits and Castle Peak hike

Strong Santa Ana winds blew down a lot of trees.

It messed up traffic and some people were even without power for a few days.

Dumb cops blocking the right lane. Couldn't they have pulled over in a real spot?

Fun license plate.

This one...

... and this one were right across from each other. I'm guessing student apartments.

I bought a hook for hanging coats, but it didn't really fit. But it fits fine here as a purse hanger.

Great stop, bus driver.

$500? That has my interest.

That seems rather weird for a cartoon sponsored by the bus company.

And a cartoon, weird.

I actually didn't get this, since that's only a specific type of viral conjunctivitis.

This smells so good.

How in the world did WTF (what the fuck) get into a state-issued license plate?

Oh man, I sat too far away from the bus screen to see everything well enough. Most things I could do but not the card-swapping game.

Aw, they put a sticker on the TV. Not too bad except, again, for the card-swapping game.

A video of the card-swapping game. 6 and 8, I think.

This is dumb. You have to translate a phrase, but it's too noisy on the bus to hear.

I hate using different measuring cups. I'd rather just use the 1 cup for everything.

So I'll just fill up the 1/2 cup, dump it into the 1 cup, and remember about how much that is.

The LCD screen on my Fujifilm Z5 completely died, so on Cyber Monday I bought a Nikon Coolpix S8100. I got it for $100 off and even got a free carrying case and SD card.

Back to Underground Rebel Bingo. Although I didn't see any prizes I hadn't seen before. The disco ball.

The panda.

The winner of the panda.

I love how they take forever to announce if the person is a winner or a loser.

Nice moustache.

And apparently I'm a cat.

They take a break between games three and four.

The boom box.

Sunday hike to Cave of the Munits. We're headed to the top up there.

The entrance we aim for.

Crawling up.

And we're in the Cave of the Munits.

Crawling out.

Still going up.

Oops, wrong way.

We're supposed to go around instead.

At the top of a ridge.

Single file along here.

And we made it to Castle Peak.


Some of the group.

Some others.

A view towards the houses.