2011 Dec 10 | Lunar Eclipse, Underground Rebel Bingo with REMIX Lab

That's a big ol' bag of popcorn.

Old woman with a pack of beer.

Best mouthwash ever, especially because it has a cool dispensing system and doesn't sting.

Dumb one-size-fits-all screen covers that you have to cut down. I obviously cut it poorly. But you can just buy a pre-cut, perfectly-fitting one online for a couple of bucks.

The cops are horrible here. This one went through the green behind another car, even though it's only one car per green.

Seven Grand, a whiskey bar with pool tables downtown.

Yeah, yeah, I know, but sometimes it feels better to really get someone back.

Dumb biker on a busy road messing up traffic.

Up to Griffith Observatory to watch the lunar eclipse.

Some people had some pretty nice telescopes.

Me taking pictures.

Before the eclipse.


I like how it was next to the Hollywood sign.

Lots of people lined up against the edge.

More big telescopes.

This is after most people cleared out; the lawn was packed earlier.

Then a lot of people stayed to watch the sunrise from the opposite direction.

And it's up.

This is so annoying. Anytime I'm near a wireless network, it will automatically connect. However, with the McDonald's ones, you have to go online and agree to their terms of service. However, if I'm doing anything else with the internet, it will stop working because it will try going through the wifi that I still haven't agreed to instead of the regular phone line.

I thought this was an add for a tiny little gazelle, and I was really interested in who was selling an animal in LA.

Lots of people ate lunch here today.

Answers on the bus questions for free tickets.

Underground Rebel Bingo sponsored by REMIX Lab. I heard about this same-day; free admission and open bar.

It was sponsored by Hyundai, and they had some pretty cool cars set up. This one had a 3D TV.

And this one had some turntables.

You logged into Facebook when you got there so you could track what you did with that.

A booth for taking pictures with fun items. It was supposed to go to your Facebook account, but I think their software got messed up because we never got our picture.

There was house music; never heard a remix of Charlie Brown before.

Taking advantage of the open bar.

Some cool artwork.

Neat goggles.

This one was pretty crazy.

They also had some old-school videogames on free play in the back.

Marie Grace kicking my butt at Frogger.

Sweet, The Simpsons! Thank goodness for free play; it was so expensive to actually play this game.

It's a bit crowded, but we managed.

Had to play with one hand so I could drink with the other.

One of the bingo-number-calling women. She was running around making sure everybody had a bingo card.

It was pretty packed.

Awesome panda.

We met a few friends there but they left early, so I was stuck with all of their cards.

Praying he's gonna win the disco ball.

Winner of the boom box.