2011 Dec 11 | Union Station, Deep Creek Hot Springs #2

Inside Union Station.

The subway doesn't stop at too many useful places.

Although the buses do.

There are Birds of Paradise growing all over in Southern California.

A little monument across the street.

Most places try to scare people away from sitting, so it's nice to see the built-in seats.

Some friends heard about me going to Deep Creek hot springs, so I took them out there. You don't see things like this in LA.

Squeezing through the fence.

This woman was taking a break on the way up. However, she was "hiding" behind a rock, so when we came down with me being the first in line, she scared the heck out of me because I didn't see her until I was right beside her.

The trail is pretty easy, but this part is a bit steep.

And this area. Lindsey just slid down instead of walking, heh.

You have to cross the cold river to get to the springs. They kept asking me how cold it was, and I kept saying it just depends on how sensitive you are. Judging by their faces, they were really sensitive.

Lindsey said it was the worst thing in her entire life and Sam thought his legs were going to go numb, freeze, stop working, and then he'd fall in and die.

A view of the group from up top.

And one with me in the back.

Nobody wanted to go back through the cold water again and Sam thought he saw a way to cross without getting wet back a ways, so we headed that way.

Please don't fall through the ice.

Trying to figure out the best way to cross since there wasn't any obvious easy path that didn't require jumping a bit.

And I really don't want to step on an icy rock or log. A guy at the springs was telling us about some people who fell in trying to cross while fully clothed and had to walk the two miles back to their car in soaked clothing.


This ended up being about the best spot we could find, although you did get at least one shoe a bit wet on the middle rock.

Another way.

And a nice easy jump at the end.

A pretty sunset from the top.