2011 Dec 14 | Hamburger Mary's legendary bingo

Normally I hate all the dumb Christmas stuff stuck on cars, like red noses and deer horns, but this is actually cute.

What seems to be a pretty good stereo system at a thrift store.

I don't think I hate anything else on earth more than delivery confirmation. It means I have to go to the post office and wait in line for 30 minutes, gah.

And if they wouldn't have stuck it in such a big package, it would have fit in my mailbox. It's not like it needs a lot of packaging, either; it's a soft case.

VSP had a dinner and meeting Monday night at the Century Plaza.

To heck with the meeting, I'm just gonna sit out here and watch football.

Decent food and I learned a few things. Although a lot of people were mumbling about stuff under their breath. Really, this is the perfect format to ask it out loud and have it addressed rather than just keep whining about it.

Pretty snow-covered mountains.

That's a big truck.

There are some tiny little roads that leave the highway here.

And they're on tiny little hills that drop away to nothing on both sides. Pretty scary.

Maybe when I have some free time I can drive along them and see if anything interesting is out there.

The thing I hate most about corporate America: all of the dumb targets.

I wanna buy this and just eat the candy; to heck with actually making the house.

I hope he knows at least one of the people around him because otherwise he's never getting out of there.

Honestly, there's like 1/4" of space between the two vehicles.

The maintenance people are nice, but sometimes I don't think they understand what the apartment manager tells them to do. They put some scratches on my wall when they moved the dishwasher in, so I asked the manager to have them paint over them. Honestly, I could do it in 10 seconds, but I don't know the exact color of the paint. Since they've messed up before, I even took pictures of the walls, printed the pictures out, and circled the scratches. So I come home to this maintenance request, "dishwasher is OK," and the scratches are still there. Gah!

When you order more than $50 from iPromotions (optometry supplies company), you get a little stuffed animal. The November one was a buffalo, which I really wanted. So I placed an order on November 30th. They called me the next day and said some of the bulbs were a little back ordered. I asked about receiving the buffalo, and they said since the order would be shipped in December, that I'd receive the bull instead. I asked if I could have the buffalo instead since I grew up around them and my grandfather even raised them, and she said she'd see what she could do. Well, the order came in, and they sent both! I love this company.

We went to Mario's Peruvian Restaurant for dinner. It had a bit of a wait, but it was really good.

Irv's Burgers. Looks like it's been there quite a while; might have to try it out some time.

Standing in line for legendary bingo at Hamburger Mary's.

It's $20 per person, but the money goes to charity.

They have some pretty big drinks. This is only the medium.

They hand out a list of games to play instead of regular any-line bingo and also a list of callbacks, phrases the audience is supposed to yell when they read certain squares.

When you get a bingo, you have to run all around the place while everyone else throws their losing bingo cards at you.

A winner getting pelted.

Each winner gets a ton of prizes, too, usually 4-8 different items. This woman won some games.

This guy got an Easy-Bake oven, haha.

If you call bingo but you don't have one, the cross-dressing bingo caller spanks you with a crop.

This gal looks a bit scared.

That's quite a haul.

She actually had a real bingo, but she still gets spanked because it's her birthday.

She can barely carry her winnings.

The shame.

They also kept mentioning to the winners that they could leave their prizes at the toy drops all around town.

The last winner of the night running the gauntlet.

He won a lightsabre, nice.

Lots of bingo cards on the floor.