2011 Dec 21 | Christmas with the family

Family here = candy everywhere.

Beer pong at the movie drink-along.

Gotta watch Christmas Vacation every year.

"Nobody use anybody else's towel!"

Opening presents.

Apparently Mom ran out of tape on this one.

Someone said something funny.

Don't forget to breathe.

I started out slow on the trivia cards, but I think I pulled ahead in the end.

Dad and Melanie.

A little bigger than usual, but still nobody ate them.

It's morning!

Dad wearing his pheasant shirt I bought him. Apparently Californians don't know what color rooster heads are, or it was too expensive to print them correctly.

A pretty church.

The guy at the restaurant made Mom a potato smiley face.

Quick lunch.

Glow-in-the-dark goofy golf, although it's really glow-in-black-light.

Hiding behind the alligator.

Monica looking through the shark.

Mom hitting the ball.

A knight-themed area.

Trying to pull out the sword.

Melanie hitting the ball up the ramp.

Stop for another group photo.

I didn't win, but I did get a hole in one on the last hole.

Mom's birthday.

The tram up to the Getty Center.

We found someone's wallet by this car, so we took it to lost and found and left this note on the car.

On the tram.

Mel having fun.

Dad thought the tram was so if someone steals something, it's harder for them to get away.

A view towards the city.

Posing by the entrance steps.

Walking out onto the patio.

A model of the center.

The map is more descriptive but not as neat.

The garden.

Umbrellas you can grab if you need them.

Walking to the gardens.

Bushes down in the water.

Melanie by some flowers.

Melanie and Monica.

Monica, what are you doing?

Oops, I counted a little too slowly for the camera's 10-second timer.

Cool piece of art.

No napping! We're on a tight schedule.

Little fountains in the water out front.

A neat box.

Checking out the artwork.

An area you can practice drawing.

This was a pretty impressive room.

Expensive little table.

Looking out towards the cactus garden.

A panoramic from north to east to south.

That's, uh, interesting.

The cactus garden.

This section had photographs.

Ooh, I love sculptures.

A juggler.

Another shot of the garden.

Um, I don't know how clean that is.

It has a very pretty layout.

Checking out the ocean in Malibu.

Monica playing around at the Getty Villa.

Nice little subconj heme.

Such a pretty pool.

Us in front of it.

Neat statues, too.

Checking out the herb garden.

A fountain in another area.

The large pool from the upstairs patio.

The central statue garden.

Nap time.

Christmas Tree Lane in Altadena.

The Balian House.

A random house on the street with lots of lights.

There was quite a line of cars for Candy Cane Lane in Woodland Hills.

Nice and simple.

Lots of blowups.

That's pretty impressive.

Giant candy canes.

Lots of lights like a waterfall.

Santas on a trapeze.

Another nice one.

A fence with lots of lights. Overall, I wasn't very impressed by the light displays of neighborhoods in LA. The ones in Houston were much, much better.

At MacArthur Park Lake.

Monica was running.

Mom and Dad taking a rest.

Monica and Mom.

Melanie and Mom.

All four.

Mom trying to decide which goose is most deserving of her bread.

Birds flying.

Melanie feeding the birds.

Well hello there.

Always leave an escape route; don't let them surround you.

At the Farmer's Market.

Getting eye exams.

Melanie and Monica.

Checking out the stars.

Another big one.

On the double decker bus tour.


Beverly Hills.

The Hollywood sign.

Lots of people dressed up that want you to take a picture with them.

The Disney Concert Hall.

Lots of sister cities.

Dad after his eye exam.

That's an awfully big bucket of popcorn. Are you sure we can finish it? ... Oh, wait, the previews are barely over and we already need a refill. This can't be healthy.