2011 Dec 24 | San Diego tide pools

Not quite as cool as Jupiter, but still a great name for a road.

This person was rocking out to music while holding the sign.

Great rummage sale sign.

San Diego harbor.

Monica taking a picture of the other side.

A woman using a baby carrier for her dogs.

A statue of the famous kiss.

Aw, how cute; balloons to make her a bee.

Big dragon wrapped around a pole.


Us in front of the USS Midway.

A little wider shot.

I loved the smell of this wood.

A pier.

There was a cruise ship here.

And a maritime museum as well.

Neat church.

Neat car.

Neat hotel.

A view of San Diego from Point Loma.

History of the lighthouse.

The lighthouse.

It's bigger than me.

Some weird plants.

The waves looked really neat.

As did the rocks out in the mist.

Monica standing on a rock.

The main reason we came out here: the tide pools.

Have to go around on the path.

Me on a rock.

Monica on a rock.

Lots of little animals in shells.

Me reflected in one of the tide pools.

Monica taking a break.

There was lots of dark green and brown grass.

Shells hanging onto a ledge.

A big crab pushing a little one around.

Some sea anemones.

A white one.

The rules said you could touch things as gently as if you were touching your own eyeball. The sea anemones would react when you poked them.

A bigger one.

A fish that was very well-hidden when it was among the rocks.

Don't fall in!

Checking out some shells.

There were a few surfers.

Monica in a hole.

Climbing up it.

Me doing the same.

Monica intrigued by her shadow.

A military cemetary on the road there.