2007 June #1 | East Beach, Fergie, Cinemark

One of the problems with shopping at thrift stores is you have to watch for stains. I almost bought these pants, I had even tried them on, until I noticed these huge blotches of paint as I was re-folding them.

East Beach is the "adult" beach in Galveston and is the only one people can have alcohol.

Parking is $8, but that's only if you go through the little gate. I parked just before it and saved the money.

The store has lots of food and caps and things, but the lids were a little too small for the drinks. I looked everywhere but couldn't find bigger ones.

There were a ton of people at the beach.

I was just walking along the beach and Bruce saw me. First in the middle of Houston, and now in the middle of a crowded beach. How crazy.

Some people who were there the whole day brought a volleyball net, but they didn't play much and were nice enough to let other people use it the rest of the time. Actually, I thought it was the beach's net until they took it down and carried it away.

A few people had body boards and this guy was teaching his friends how to try to surf on one.

Which could be a little difficult with your hair flying in your face.

About the only thing the lifeguards yelled at people for was swimming to the left of the "no swimming" sign.

There was also a sand castle competition that day. And not some little "kid with a bucket" castles; many people had 2x4s nailed together in squares to put sand into.

This was a Google one.

They actually have cops direct traffic when everyone is leaving.

Rain-X is actually pretty hard to find, which is surprising considering how helpful it is in all of the thunderstorms. I couldn't find the bottles at all; only the wipes.

I got a job for the summer at Cinemark in Rosenberg which has 12 screens. It's about a 35-minute drive if traffic is light. Considering my commute to San Francisco was an hour, it's not so bad, except that since I'm driving, I can't read on the way.

I'm a seasonal assistant manager. There's 1 general manager, about 5 other assistant managers, and then around 10 ushers, 10 concession workers, 5 box office workers, and 5 booth workers, although only on Friday and Saturday are most people there. I'm generally in charge of the money (taking it from concession and box for deposits), opening or closing everything, dealing with customer complaints, and helping out in whatever area needs it, which mainly consists of getting food/supplies for concession and getting on a register if it gets really busy.

I work either about 9am-6pm or 5pm-close (usually around 2am), and since I work out of town, I'm usually going in the opposite direction of the heavy traffic (except on the drive to work at 5pm), which is nice.

These coke machines have been out of order since I got here. The signs say a repairman has been called, but they must be calling the wrong number or the repairman is dead.

The only protestors of any kind I've seen here. In the Bay Area, you couldn't go a week without seeing people with signs.

Fergie was on a tour where you couldn't buy tickets directly. The main way to get them was go to a Verizon store and show them that you had a Fergie ringtone or something. There were also Verizon store openings where they were giving away tickets. It sounded like most of the tickets were going to be on your phone; they would text them to you and then you would show that at the entrance. However, only about 10 people did that; almost everyone had regular paper tickets.

They had a green screen where you could dance, and then that was combined with Fergie dancing to make it look like you were dancing with her. This kid really went crazy. You could also text and it would show up on the screen; there were a lot of "hook 'em horns" and marriage proposals.

A band called Rooney opened for her. The people right next to me were huge Rooney fans; they even had a big banner.

One of the best parts of going to events alone is that it's much easier to worm your way through the crowd. I was one of the first to get in, though, so I didn't have to work very hard at all to get to the front.

She sang a few Black Eyed Peas songs, which was rather weird considering the rest of the group wasn't there. I actually prefer most of those songs rather than her solo ones.

I must say, all of the people constantly taking photos was pretty annoying. Yeah, take a few for memories, but are you at the concert to listen to the music and have a good time or stress through the entire thing about making sure you get photos of every single thing she does? In professional chess matches, you can only take pictures the first 5 minutes or so, which should be a rule everywhere. I remember being in London when there was a ceremony at Parliament or something; one lady shoved her way to the front and made sure she videotaped the entire thing while ignoring her crying kids and everyone else around her. You've got it on tape, but you never actually experienced it; how empty.

OK, this is getting annoying. The black part of my right big toenail finally grew out enough I could cut it off, but now the entire thing went white. As far back as I can see, it's not even attached to the top of my toe. I wonder if it will re-attach itself if I just leave it alone or if I should rip it off and let it start new.

In the Bay Area, truckers had the decency to not drive in the far left lane when they were passing other trucks going 1mph slower, thereby jamming up all traffic behind them. In lots of areas around here trucks are thankfully prohibited from driving in the leftmost lane.

I don't want to drive anywhere behind a truck hauling huge chunks of pipe; I'm worried one will slip out of the middle and fly into my windshield.

At first I couldn't figure out why you would ever haul a trailer on a trailer; why not just attach the trailer instead? But I guess this way he can haul something back, too.

I went to pick up a coffee table I found on Craigslist, and as I was backing in to the driveway, her old, barely-mobile dog decided to limp his way behind my truck. I doubt she'd sell the table to me after I ran over her dog. I'm glad I'm not an outside dog here; it's way too hot and humid.

If you ever get the craving for candy canes in the summer, this convenience store is the place to go.

The highways often have a separated HOV lane, but almost nobody drives on it for some reason, even if they have enough people.

I didn't know it was even legal to tow two vehicles.

I love plants, mainly because I like being surrounded by life, but I hate my plants, because I'm surrounded by death. They either stop producing the nice-smelling flowers which were the only reason I bought them, they get all yellow and wilted and lose all their leaves, or they run vines around my blind cords. Why can't they just stay happy and green like everybody else's? I water them more than once a week, I water them less than once a week, I water them a little, I water them until it flows out of the bottom; it doesn't matter. I guess I'll just have to budget for buying new ones every month.

Let's see, 750 toothpicks, I use maybe 2 per month, 12 months in a year... so I'll have to buy a new box in about 30 years.

A Target near work has a Pizza Hut. The guy who made mine was a trainee. I don't ever get mad at new people for making mistakes, since I do the same, but when I mention I'd like the flavoring put on my breadsticks (if you've never tried a Pizza Hut breadstick without the flavoring, it's so bland it's completely inedible), perhaps you could get some new ones rather than reheating the ones I brought back, thereby turning them so hard they could be used as rebar. And I don't particularly like the pizza at Pizza Hut; I go there mainly for the breadsticks, so it was like going to a restaurant with amazing steak and them giving you a TV dinner.

I don't know what it is, but I can't buy milk with a green cap and sticker. I can deal with purple, but the only one I'm comfortable buying is blue. Thankfully, I don't really care if the milk inside is skim, 1%, or 2%, so it works out. The color-tied-to-emotion part of the brain is a little too strongly wired.

This was fun. The money counter at work decided to stop working on Friday night, which along with Saturday is by far the busiest time of the entire week. So, I can either count thousands of dollars in ones by hand, or I can try to fix it. Hmm, after spending 15 minutes trying to align the flashlight and my eye properly so I can see what's wrong, it looks like a belt needs to be pushed back into it's groove. Time to get a screwdriver. Arg, it's too big to fit into where I need them, and I really don't want to try to take the whole thing apart, especially because I can't tell if I could even get to where I need to by taking the entire top or bottom off as the rollers seem pretty unmovable. Hello, paperclip; you'll fit. Oh, come on, stop bending; you're stronger than a little belt. I finally got it working again after an hour. Even though it still made a weird noise, as long as it counted the bills that night, I wasn't going to mess with it any more.