2011 Dec 24 | reddit Christmas Eve at the Irish Times bar

It drives me nuts that people press the crosswalk button over and over and over. Even if it did something, they'd just be breaking it by pressing it so much. No respect for common property at all.

And according to my little study, at least this light changes at 35 seconds whether nobody presses the crosswalk button, it gets pressed only once, or it gets pressed multiple times, which makes pressing it over and over even dumber.

This was the children's trivia on the bus. Really? I can barely remember it, and that's only because of the alliteration of blue and base.

Maybe a little easier, but still not children's level in my book.

I couldn't see the blocked-off areas on the online schedule on my monitor.

But once I switched the settings a bit, it was fine.

The back-left window in the Jeep kept sliding down. We pulled the panel off and looked at it, but the motor was behind a big piece of metal, so no way were we gonna fix it easily.

So we did the next best thing: duct-tape it up.

This bartender invited some people to the Irish Times where she works so she wouldn't have to spend Christmas Eve alone. She even baked cookies and brownies.

And made free shots, including this gingerbread one.


Ooh, a bullseye.

Another one.

Monica wins the game.

Gloat much?

One woman dressed up in a Santa outfit.

The pool table was free to play.

I think we're in trouble on this one.

Another round of shots.

What happens when you have an approximately 10:1 guy:girl ratio at a bar? This.

The bartender hard at work.

Even the other bartender got in on the pool action.