2011 Dec 25 | Christmas on the beach with Monica

This woman was at Walgreens in super-short shorts and no bra, basically like she had run out of bed without changing, apparently buying very last-minute Christmas gifts.

I like how the tree is pushing up the sidewalk.

Really? Even on Christmas?

One of the cool houses on Venice Beach: lots of windows.

Some cute dogs.

I love the little lookout room on this house.

The whole window swings open; cool.

Yep, we're in Cali.

Those are neat.

Some people practicing their skills.

The waves hitting the rocks.

Merry Christmas!

Sand > snow.

Except when we walked back to our towels, this is what we saw. Hmm, I wonder why all those birds are there? Oh wait, our food!

Monica is pissed.

Go away!

Unfortunately they got almost all our food, and they kept dragging what they hadn't quite eaten farther away.

All that's left of my Lunchable is a few slices of meat.

Since they was covered in sand, I sure wasn't going to eat them, so might as well make the birds work for them.

They would actually catch the meat midair.

Even after all our food was gone they still stalked us.

Tons of bird prints surrounding our towels.

Staring us down.

There are like 10 bathrooms here, but only one was open. Really, city of LA?

Aw, someone dragged a Christmas tree out to the beach.

Some fun shops.

Had to take our picture with the giant shark dude.

And make sure we get the Zoltar machine in the shot, too.

Another cool item.

Monica shopping for dresses.