2012 Jan 01 | New Year's Eve

Female and male quantity? Yeah, I don't go to these types of places much.

Neat interplay of Venus, the moon, and an airplane.

Snow-capped mountains in the distance.

Over- and underpasses.

I like how IKEA has couches that are for sale that you can sit in while you wait for people in the bathroom.

$2 for two hotdogs, chips, and a drink? Sweet!

The blimp flying over downtown LA.

Monica helping met set up a stereo system I got for cheap off of eBay. The guy packaged it extremely well.

Wow, that's a great deal.

Unfortunately this shirt was out of that price range, so it wasn't as cheap. It was still on a big discount in addition to 50% off.

I don't know how great of an idea that is.

Monica helping me put up the mirrors.

And wrapping some wood in tinfoil to set some on.

A little shopping area near my apartment.

Ooh, Street Fighter II. I might have to come back here just to play that.

The tape we put on the window didn't keep it up, so we bought some suction cups and jammed those in it.

Wow, that's cheap.

Some cool apartments.

A neat old building.

Pretty butterflies.

A pretty, uh, crazy ad.

Hmm... I'm not sure if this area is red or white because the curb is missing. But I think by default that means white.

I love when the bathrooms have fun stuff to read above the urinals.

Off to Drai's for some drinks. The bar in the W Hotel was really cool.

Neat circles.

Outdoor at Drai's.

There was a big pool.

Surrounded by cabanas.

Although it was a little too cold for the pool right now.

In fact, we actually headed inside to be a bit warmer.

Walking back to the car, the hot dogs from the street vendor sure smelled good.

It was really foggy in Santa Monica and Venice.

While waiting for a table at the restaurant, I wandered around a little art gallery next door.

These are a bit freaky.

I think she's holding a heart.

The lamp is really cool.


A rat head.

A chandalier made by the owner.

The Tasting Room.

I like the tree growing in the middle.

A really cool drawing on the chalkboard.

It wasn't too terribly expensive.

And it was really good.

Having a few drinks after dinner.

There were lots of little shops in the area. This pizza place reminded me of a similar one in Berkeley.

A really nice frame display at an optical.

Nice lights at a restaurant.

That's pretty cool.

Thankfully the shirt comes with an extra button.

I always used to think "concur" meant "disagree" rather than "agree."

A super-great sale. Unfortunately nothing was in small.

I'm not sure who brought this to the office, but it's yummy.

My phone didn't have reception in my apartment on New Year's Eve for some reason. What a pain.

Hollywood was covered in cops.

There was a long line to get into the venue, but it moved fast.

The Big Bang NYE with Cobra Starship, Lupe Fiasco, Mario Lopez, and Extra TV was at the Hollywood and Highland complex.

It's a pretty neat place.

Group picture.

This was really cool; she decorated her crutch to match her dress.

The buffet was OK.

Some more snacks.

The main stage.

The VIP area. The drinks were free here, but the lines for them were really long. At first they only let you get one drink per person, but as the night wore on, they let you get more. I was grabbing three at a time by the end, which was helpful because I was taking them to Marie Grace and her friend.

Some women giving out electronic cigarettes.

One of my favorite dresses of the evening.

A red carpet area. People weren't supposed to take pictures of themselves here, but sometimes they ran in and did it.

The main area was really big and pretty crowded, especially up front.

40 seconds left.

Happy new year!

A lot of people hanging out outside.

The DJ in the VIP area.

Some weird headless mannequin with balloons. Apparently some guy brought it there, left it for a while, and then took it with him. I was talking to him at one point about it and saw him taking it down the escalator at the end of the night.

Lots of people dancing in the main area.

Although this smaller room was playing techno and was my favorite. This guy was having a really good time.

I tripped over this every single time I walked over it.

A guy fiddling; really cool.

Public transportation was free until 2am. The red line subway was right there, so I took that.

It was fairly full and got me within a mile of home. I could have taken a bus from there, but I just walked since that was probably just as fast.

As I was getting ready to go to sleep, Marie Grace texted me. Apparently the reservation for their taxi got cancelled and they couldn't find any others. So I drove back to Hollywood and drove them back to my place to crash for the night.

At Venice beach the next day. There were a lot of surfers here.

Down she goes.

Staying up.

There were lots of sailboats, too.

Our group hanging out.