2012 Jan 06 | Apartment, Party Foul party

The lines for the previous lanes are still pretty observable and with the sunlight in your eyes, it can be hard to tell exactly where you should be here.

OK, that's like the greatest lunch box ever.

We got a display for the office, and after taking off the straps, we all took turns removing a bunch of screw from the box, but it still wouldn't open. So we started to pry some of the wood off with a hammer and then noticed that the top just lifted off. We didn't have to take any screw out at all.

Smog blah blah blah, I think these are totally designed to make you put more gas in your car. And there's one gas station I like to use where it always pushes the nozzle out too far and makes it stop, so I have to stand there and hold it. So annoying.

Aw, they don't have the taco dinner in a box mix that I like.

This Shell station has gas for $4.09...

... and one block away, this one has it for $3.79. Crazy.

Bought some new shoes with Monica, but they're a bit too big, so we stuck some pads in them to make them fit better. The pad on the bottom kept slipping forward, though. So I went to Walmart to look for something to hold it, and to my disbelief, they had double-sided duct tape. Perfect!

You have to really hate a guy to stick a big sign on your truck and drive around with it.

Marie Grace emailed me at the last minute about some little party going on Friday night, so I went to check it out. I'm not going to turn down free beer and pizza. When I was walking there I was checking out the invite and it said tickets were sold out, but when I got I just walked right in.

Ooh, free sombreros, nice.

There were a few people there.

It was the opening party for an app called PartyFoul. This is one of the co-owners.

Aw, no white? Oh well, it's free; can't complain too much.

I chatted with a few different people. One woman was the wife of one of the founders of the app, so she told me about it a bit. And some other people told me about some other events going on, so overall it was a successful event for me.

I had to take off from the PartyFoul party to get to dance class.

The lanes merge here and slow down, so a few people will try to cheat and jump ahead in line by taking the breakdown lane. I'm not sure exactly what this cop is doing there, but hopefully he's trying to block people from doing that.

I'm planning on going to a party where I have to wear all white, but I don't have white shoes. White sneakers are supposed to work, but I'd rather be on the safe side. Then again, I'm probably very rarely going to wear white dress shoes for anything, so I was browsing Goodwill and found these. A bit expensive at $25, but then I heard an announcement that said anything with a blue sticker was 50%, so that makes them worth it.

The courtyard at my apartment at night.

The laundry room.

My living room.

The projector.

Me, the perfectionist: "The subwoofer and receiver aren't supposed to go there; they should go in front." Monica, the 80/20 person: "Shut up, it's going here!" Thanks for the help, Monica. :)

I love having lots of counter space in the kitchen.

Not really a fan of the tiny sinks with no counter space, but it works.

Light-up faucet and showerhead.

I saw this vase at a thrift store for $5 and grabbed it. I was originally planning on putting water in it with water-proof lights, but those were proving to be a bit too hard to find, so I got some Christmas lights from Walmart for $1 and forgot the water. It works fine.

The bedroom.

From the other direction.