2012 Jan 15 | Bob Baker Marionette Theater

They tore up the surface of the street in front of my apartment. Guess they're going to resurface it.

One of the reasons I want to eat healthily and exercise.

Dumb Optum Health. After you authorize it, it says "ineligible." So confusing.

Time Warner cable has free wifi around the city if you have their internet as your home service. However, it doesn't work at any off the places I work at.

And it's very frustrating to get onto anyway. You have to use your Time Warner login, but nobody knows that. So I had to call customer service and they told me it. Good job, guys, you spelled both my first and last name wrong.

Not getting a call about a patient while I was at home was the final straw for me. AT&T is pretty bad in LA, so I decided to go with Sprint instead. Most of the really cheap carriers don't work in my apartment complex either according to my neighbors, and Verizon is more expensive. I figured I'd get the iPhone 4S.

The boba place at the Farmer's Market has too much ice and all the boba is left at the bottom.

Any time there was a break between patients, I went and leaned against this post in the nice, warm sun.

Parking gets pretty insane in the afternoon here.

Thought I'd swing by the DMV just in case the line was short. Yeah, right; it's out the door and around the block.

This guy is brilliant: a little food cart set up for the people waiting in line at the DMV.

At first I thought this building was on fire, but it's just a sculpture near the road.

Resurfacing the street.

And it's all done. I don't remember it being all that bad to begin with, but this is still nice.

You put staples in this stapler this way. But since it's one of those automated staplers, I'm always scared I'm going to get a staple in the eye when refilling it.

And after a few days with the iPhone, I remembered how constricting it is. Also, it doesn't have 4G. So I went back to the Sprint store and got an HTC Evo Design 4G instead. So much nicer to have Android again.

Although I hate how you always have to put your own screen protectors on the phones now. They should just make the screen protected in the first place. I went through three protectors and this one still has areas with air bubbles.

Went to Bob Baker Marionette Theater Sunday afternoon. It's only like a 10-minute walk from my place.

It was fun when they brought the puppets into the audience.

It was the birthday of the older man on the left, so they gave him a crown for the show.

Afterwards they had cookies and ice cream.

You could buy puppets in the back as well.

Road closed... hmmm... I wonder what for?

Ah, shooting a movie. This is a fairly common reminder that I live in LA.

Oh man, I think that's really cheap for mixed nuts. But they're only for the holidays, so I'm not gonna buy them.