2012 Jan 22 | Charles Billiards, Nightwish concert, poker

I'm guessing that's a play on their name (Weiss?).

Ooh, both of these are coming up. It'd be cool if I hit that mileage on that day.

Traffic was pretty slow for a few minutes here because of this accident.

And then it slowed down again a few minutes later...

...because of another accident.

So far, Target's 15 glowsticks for $1 is the cheapest I've seen, even compared to buying them by the 100s online.

A little Tae Kwon Do school near my apartment.

Honestly, a joystick for games on your phone?

Just happened to drive by the Natural History Museum one day. Didn't even know LA had one, but now it's on my list.

Khaki is such a weird word. Even if you spell it wrong, everyone will instantly know what you mean.

On one level of Gun Bros you can save babes on occasion.

But they have much stronger guns than me, so I'm not so sure I'm really saving them.

I've been waiting for my personalized plates for over three months, and every time I called the DMV, they said the request wasn't even in the system. So I went down there, waited for two hours, talked to an employee, and waited another hour while her supervisor checked on it. Finally I had to go to work so I left my phone number. Thankfully she called me back later that day and said they couldn't find the original request, but that she'd put it through again. We'll see.

Some of my iPals from iPromotions.

You used to have to buy $100 worth of product to get one, but now it's only $50. Then again, the iPals are lower quality, too.

Hey, the downtown public library is only a few blocks from my house. I'll have to check it out some time.

An underground shopping center in downtown.

Some of us met up at Weiland Brewery for drinks.

Marie Grace mentioned there was an LMFAO costume contest on Wednesday night at Sharkeez in Hermosa Beach since my Halloween costume was the robot.

I went there and I was pretty much the only person dressed up, other than the staff, so I don't think they even did the contest. However, everyone really loved my costume and wanted to take pictures with me. Plus, the staff loved my outfit so much they gave me this coupon for free bottle service on some Wednesday night.

You know you're busy when you don't even have time to clean out random stuff that builds up in your vehicle.

Aw, a great package from the parents. I kept finding money in random containers. Hope I didn't throw any away.

This dumb truck driver completely blocked the intersection.

Friday night I went to Charles Billiards to play pool with some people. They had a few other random games in the back.

But mainly they had a ton of pool tables.

Ooh, that was close.

Nice shot!

These two were our opponents.

And this was my teammate. Since she had almost never played before, I spent most of the night teaching her.

Although I avoided playing this woman. If she has her own glove, she's a bit above my level.

I was waiting for a package from FedEx, but unfortunately they didn't just leave it outside my door like usual because it was a Saturday and they couldn't get into my apartment complex because the manager wasn't working. So I had to drive downtown to pick it up, and I barely made it in time. It was funny because I was going pretty fast and I saw another car gaining on me. I correctly assumed she was also headed to the FedEx pickup facility because the road was otherwise empty.

We played around at Jillians for a bit before the concert. Unfortunately my basketballs were all stuck, so I had to climb up there to pull them out.

And then we had to wait behind these kids with tons of tickets for the machine to count our few tickets.

The woman at Jillian's felt sorry for us because we had so few tickets, so she gave us an extra two Laffy Taffys.

The two bands before the headliner actually played for a total of nearly two hours. Although I'm old and tired and they weren't that great; I would have rather just gotten straight to the main act.

This was the other band. The only noteable thing about them was the lead singer had hair down to his knees.


The audience holding up lights during The Islander.

Nice pyrotechnics.

We were hungry after the concert, but thankfully there is an IHOP fairly close to my apartment.

The most confusing highway area ever. 5, 110, 101, another 5, 10, and 60.

We went to San Gabriel for breakfast.

Most of it was pretty good, except for the stinky tofu. I'm all for trying anything once, but never again in this case. I think I'm gonna need a shower to get the smell of garbage/manure off me.

And some boba afterwards.

Playing poker on Sunday night.

Sunflower seeds, a drink, and pretzels. Over the course of the night I managed to spit the seeds into both the drink and the pretzel cup, sigh.

It came down to Max and me.

Everybody played very well, but in the end, I took it with this final very close hand.