2012 Feb 05 | EyeSite (Dr Super), Underground Rebel Bingo, Super Bowl

Free show at the Improv. No big names this time, but a lot of short bits, but was actually better than a few long ones.

Aw, I want a fruit tree.

Who cares if it was voted? I'd be more interested in which casino really has the loosest slots. Then again, people who play at casinos to actually win probably don't have that much logic anyway.

First time I've ever seen "about" 15 items. I think the registers that say "20 items or less" or whatever should automatically stop and require payment if it reaches that amount, and the cashiers won't let you just stand there and do it again; you have to go to the back of the line with any more items.

This was one of the trivia questions on the bus. It basically boils down to two equations, two unknowns, but it was easier / faster to just plug numbers in instead of solving the equations.

Somehow the lenses in the phoropter got off, so I put this sticky note up until it gets fixed.

Aw, the store I usually buy bus tickets from is closed today.

It's weird how I've probably walked by this place tons of times but never noticed these rugs until now, including when I was looking to buy a rug.

Wait, some people consider this candy?

This was sad. A man had cataract surgery when he was a kid but it went bad, so by now his iris tissue had grown completely over his pupil and he was basically light perception in this eye. Thankfully the surgery in the other eye went well so he could still see normally out of that one.

This is what wedding invitations look like? I'd just buy a bunch of thank-you cards from Walmart, cross out thank-you, and write "wedding invitation."

Aw, come on, 95% of the reason I buy Aquafresh is because I like the colors; what's with this all-white stuff?

Neat tree.

the EyeSite, an office started by Dr. Paul Super.

He invented these glasses that you adjust the focus on by sliding a knob at the top.

Really neat office.

Cookies for patients.

Lots of great equipment.

And even an in-house lab. I worked there for one day a week a few times, but it just wasn't a great fit for me. However, it was an amazing office. Dr. Super had the best rapport with patients I've ever seen and he's very knowledgeable about complex contact lens fits.

A local soccer game going on at night.

This is so annoying. When I press the numbers button...

... some of the buttons move. For example, the semicolon which is in the bottom-left on the letters screen goes to the second-from-bottom right on the numbers screen. What an idiotic design.

This bothers me, too. Why are the numbers slightly cut off??!

I found out this little store also sells bus tokens, and it's right by my apartment. The other places I had gone to were at least a couple of blocks away. There's a website that lists locations to buy tokens, but it only lists the addresses rather than having a map, so you have to copy and paste the addresses into Google Maps to see where they are.

Aw, it's closed until 10am.

This was a crazy story. The phones in jail don't allow you to call a cell phone, and like they point out, a lot of people don't have home phones any more. Plus, the LA jails are one of the few in the area that don't have a list of bond companies near the phones, so this guy had to stay in jail for five days until he went to court and could actually contact someone to pay his bond. He had the money, he just couldn't get ahold of any of his friends to get it for him.

The kid on the bus next to me and I playing our games.

Countdown to Underground Rebel Bingo.

The cover story for this one was an etiquette class.

But nope, it's actually bingo!

First prize of the night: megaphone.

They take their time announcing if someone is a a winner or a loser to make it more suspenseful.

Everyone wants to win the panda.

We're ready to win something.

Passing the time between rounds. I can't believe she beat us both at tic-tac-toe. That's what I get for trying to be interesting rather than just take the easy way out.


An animal costume for a prize.

"Who wants a boombox?"

And she's a winner!

"Oh man, please let that be marker and not blood... yep, it's marker. Whew."

One of the things I like about living downtown is watching the blimps fly overhead.

The other phoropter is getting fixed, so we had this one in the meantime. I didn't really trust it, though, so I just used trial frames for the refractions.

I hate opening the lock to the dumpsters; it gets my hands all dirty. So I usually just throw the trash over the doors. Everyone once in a while I miss, though, and then I have to open the doors and put it in. It's especially bad if I throw it too far because then I have to squeeze around the dumpster and get even dirtier. Oh well, no risk, no reward.

$10 each 15 minutes? That's insane.

Aw, I wanted to send something, but I feel happy for the workers.

You gain a lot of coins in this game killing enemies, but you have to complete offers or download other games to get war bucks. Some items, like guns and armor, you buy with coins, and some you buy with war bucks. You can convert war bucks to coins, but I don't see a way to convert coins to war bucks. However, you can also straight-up buy war bucks, and you need war bucks for the best items in the game; they can't be bought with coins. This type of game is called freemium: it's free to download and play, but a lot of people pay additional money, a premium, to get the best items faster.

I found that if I back myself into a corner and put a coin on the right joystick to keep shooting, I can leave the game and it will kill most of the enemies. It doesn't work on all the stages, but it's an easy way to level up quickly.

Blood and Guts is the gladiator game. I read in an online strategy guide to just stick to your basic weapon and only upgrade when you get enough money for a big one.

It suggested waiting for the Axe Saervius, but that was going to take forever.

So I bought a mid-level weapon instead. I went from 25 attack damage to 95, and wow, did it make it so much easier. So much for listening to the guide.

Watching the Super Bowl at The Palace.

Our table, cheering for the Patriots.

Another table in the back that wasn't really watching the game.

The Giants' table. Actually, our table wasn't so much cheering for the Patriots; it was more just in response to this table. We thought we should balance it out a bit.

Intently watching the game.

Intently talking to each other.

We had a raffle for the last digit of the score at the end of each quarter. These were the winners.

Kent actually won both of the first two raffles.

Olga won the third.

And Steven won the last one.