2012 Feb 11 | Frederick's of Hollywood party, Hollywood condos art

Went to send some packages here.

The owner's dog absolutely loves chewing on bubble wrap.

That's a pretty big roll.

Such a pain finding a screw that fits when it's a custom size.

The key to riding on the bus is to get a window seat. That way you're much less likely to have to give it up to someone. I'm happy to give it up to anyone who's old/weak/crippled, but it's a pain having to watch for them.

We were riding the bus and there was a loud bang from the back, like a tire blew out, but the driver just kept going. I wonder what it was?

I hate being stuck behind a big row of semis on the right and one slow truck on the left.

I like this ad. It's just the number for the radio station on a little board.

What kind of crossing is that?

I was worried a new toilet seat would be rather expensive, but Walmart to the rescue.

As much as I hate the shirts with crosses and skulls on them, I think the seam stitching is cool.

A good deal except I'd never get around to drinking the beer.

The new toilet seat.

The old one. Gah, I didn't even think to check the size, and the new one's an inch shorter. I hate tiny toilet seats, but this one isn't so bad. At least it's not one of those soft plastic ones that you stick to.

The repairmen scratched up this wall at the entrace to my apartment when they moved a new dishwasher in. I've been asking the manager for months to have the repair guys come and paint it, it would take them like 3 minutes, but they never did. Finally I took a little container to her and asked her to have them fill it with paint and I'd do it myself. It only took me a couple of weeks of bugging them until they got around to that.

And the paint doesn't even quite match.

I hate protestors who block of streets. If you want to get people's attention for your cause, that's fine, but don't get in the way of people who have to go to work. That'll never get them on your side.

Plus I couldn't even take this street; we all had to go around the block, back a ways, and then around.

I sat here reading this for like five minutes trying to figure out if I could park here.

I don't get this license plate. EBT is basically food stamps, but that's a pretty nice car. I'm confused.

I was walking by Frederick's of Hollywood and noticed they had a party going on. I wasn't initially going to go in, but the lady up front said there was free alcohol, and I'm not gonna turn that down.

THere was a DJ.

And tons of people.

Ooh, free drinks! Come back here!

It was pretty crowded.

And everyone was much better dressed and better looking than me.

But hey, free drinks at this bar, so who cares.

Ah, fake eyelashes. Give me business when they put them on wrong and get glue on the women's eyes.

Some living mannequins.

Then off to the Hollywood Condos.

THere was an art show featuring five artists.

Free drinks, cookies, and massages.

Denim artwork.

Nice bathroom.

Some of the apartments had these awesome outdoor rooms.

And patios as well.

Another one.

Another outdoor room.

Some of the art.

And some more.

This guy had some weird stuff.

I think this is the first time I've ever seen the police actually behing helpful rather than jerks in LA.

Sorry, but these sections send out monthly emails with blatantly obvious information that everyone already knows. Not worth it in my opinion.

That is one fluffy dog.

I just got done seeing a gorgeous actress as a patient and then I see this beautiful woman while eating lunch. Day of the hotties.

Google Maps showing buildings is a cool idea, but it makes navigation while driving really hard.

Aw, I wrote down the wrong start time because it was in the Eastern time zone.

I hate these spinning dials. I just want to type the number in.

Ooh, a Facebook trifecta: one new friend, one new message, and one new alert.

The Blood and Glory game on my phone. Parrying is rather hard; you have to get the direction right, either up, down, left, or right.

But dodging is easier because you only have to dodge the correct way for left or right; any vertical attack you can dodge either way. So there should be some sort of advantage to parrying because it's so much more difficult, but I can't find one.

The other annoying thing is there are only three combos, which is pretty limiting, and you might as well always do the same one over and over because it's the most damaging.

And it shows the sad state that Google is in now. If you searched for this a couple of years ago, you'd get lots of links that gave you combos in the game.

Now they're all just crap. This one just has a screenshot of the in-game combo guide.

This "walkthrough" again just recaps what the game itself tells you. Walkthroughs are supposed to be how to beat each enemy; what a scummy site.

And this is even worse. The whole top of the page is ads.

Then there are a few sentences explaining whatever you searched for.

And then a ton more ads at the bottom. Google has been almost ruined by people trying to make a cheap buck.